Top Ten Indie Books of 2022 #Indiebooks #TopTenIndieBooksof2022

Here are my top ten Indie books of 2022 in no particular order. These books are either published by the author(s) or by smaller, independent presses. I reviewed all of these books on Indie Weekend or its previous incarnation, Self-Published Saturday, so I’ve included a link to my review, which provides buy links at the bottom. Please check them out by clicking on the covers.

Christmas in ’45

Cathedral of Silver

Amanda in France



The Girl Who Feared Trains

Your Words, Your Heart

The Necromancer’s Daughter

The Secret Benefits of Invisibility

Distant Flickers

In the comments below, tell me about some Indie books you loved this year that I should check out!

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Indie Books of 2022 #Indiebooks #TopTenIndieBooksof2022”

  1. Thank you so much for including Amanda in France: Fire in the Cathedral as one of your top ten indie books you read last year. I also loved Distant Flickers. Such an amazing collection of short stories.

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  2. After reading all the books you do, Bonnie, it had to be tough to narrow down! They all look like great books. Thank you for including mine, and Happy New Year!


  3. I have several of these books on my TBR, but do need to get to them. Perhaps that should be a goal I should set for myself this year. 1 Indie book every two weeks. Great list, Bonnie.


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