Review Requests

I love to work with authors and publishers, and I’m happy to take your review requests and provide an honest review.

I am not accepting the following genres or situations: Horror, Dark Fantasy, Current Politics, Graphic Sexual Situations, or Graphic Language. Although I do not accept Horror, I do accept Paranormal and Magical Realism that is not too dark or violent. I am limiting nonfiction at present. It can be submitted but fiction will take priority.

Addition: I’m not currently accepting Romance as the primary genre. If romance is secondary to the story, that is fine.

I am not a fan of the “stream of consciousness” style of writing and I am not accepting novels written in that style.

Self-Published Saturday:

SPS has been replaced by Indie Weekend. See the description of Indie Weekend below.

Indie Weekend

I will feature a review of one or more books by indie authors anytime from Friday to Sunday as part of Indie Weekend. Submit review requests to Please make the subject of your email Review Request. Please indicate if you are self-published/Indie and interested in Indie Weekend.

*Please include book blurb, cover art, book trailers, author bio, and anything else you would like to be included in the post.

*Please tell me the number of pages in your book.

Indie Spotlight. This is a place, not for reviews, but to highlight your book, give a description, and include buy links. If your book is on sale, newly published, or you want a cover reveal, or for pretty much any reason, contact me and send me the book description, cover art, sale information, or anything else you want to be included. Indie Spotlight can be any day of the week, and the frequency I publish it will depend on how many requests I get. Again, these do not include a review. Email me at and include cover art, book description, sale information, and anything else you want to be included. Title the email Indie Spotlight. You can request a spotlight while you’re waiting for a review.

*Reviews are always voluntary. If I feel I cannot review a book for any reason, I will let you know.

*Life gets busy sometimes. If you haven’t heard back from me, feel free to send me a reminder.