Cover Reveal: Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Lord #HistoricalMystery #RegencyMystery

Below, check out the cover reveal for a new Regency Mystery series, with a book description, letter from the author, and a giveaway!


Bridgerton meets Agatha Christie in Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lord, a dazzling first entry in a terrific new Regency-era cozy series with a feminist spin.

When Lady Petra Forsyth’s fiancé and soulmate dies just weeks ahead of their wedding, she makes the shocking proclamation―in front of London’s loosest lips―that she will never remarry. A woman of independent means, Petra sees no reason to cede her wealth and freedom to any man now that the love of her life has passed, nor does she intend to become confined to her country home. Instead, she uses her title to gain access to elite spaces and enjoy the best of society without expectations.

But when ballroom gossip suggests that a longtime friend has died of “melancholia” while in the care of a questionable physician, Petra vows to use her status to dig deeper―uncovering a private asylum where men pay to have their wives and daughters locked away, or worse. Just as Lady Petra has reason to believe her friend is not dead, but a prisoner, her own headstrong actions and thirst for independence are used to put her own freedom in jeopardy.




Celeste Connally is an Agatha Award nominee, and a former freelance writer and editor. A lifelong devotee of historical novels and adaptations fueled by her passion for history—plus weekly doses of PBS Masterpiece—Celeste loves reading and writing about women from the past who didn’t always do as they were told.



Hello, Dear Readers,

I’m incredibly honored you’re here for the cover reveal of the first book in my new historical mystery series, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lord.

The idea for this book took hold during the pandemic, when I was watching period dramas on the regular, including all my favorite Jane Austen adaptations and Downton Abbey. And of course, in nearly every one, there was the notion of the unmarried woman being a rather pitiable character. I began thinking about how the spinsters never got to be in the limelight, especially in the Regency period. They were hardly ever seen as strong, or capable, or worthy of respect, and I thought to myself that a main character who valued her independence and embraced her decision not to marry would make for a heroine I would like to write.

And thus, dear readers, I am overjoyed to introduce you to Lady Petra Forsyth. Daughter of the Fifth Earl of Holbrook, accomplished equestrienne, goddaughter to the Duchess of Hillmorton, and a woman in possession of her own fortune.

After the death of her fiancé three years ago, Lady Petra’s already headstrong ways—which include occasionally riding astride in her brother’s old breeches—came to include living her life on her own terms. That is, without a husband—though not everyone sees her decision as the right one, or the ladylike one. And when the purported death of a dear friend seems intertwined with mentions of a mysterious physician, Petra does the most unladylike thing she can: she starts asking questions.

When Petra formed in my mind as a character, I saw her with little bits of some of my favorite…well, almost-spinsters. Such as Emma Woodhouse, who was initially willing to go her own way and remain unmarried in a time where doing just that was an incredible risk for a woman, no matter what her financial status. And then there’s Downton Abbey’s Lady Edith, who recognized her talents and carved out a satisfying life for herself as an entrepreneur and businesswoman. She didn’t let it stop her from romance, either…

Another thing my inspirations for Petra have in common is that I feel they would all have made excellent amateur sleuths. Some would say it’s because spinsters have an inclination toward nosiness, but I would say it’s their sharp minds and a refusal to give up on what’s important. I think Petra certainly begins to develop the knack for investigating—whether or not those around her approve—and I very much hope you’ll enjoy riding alongside her for her very first adventure.

All my best,



Author Celeste Connally and her publisher Minotaur Books are generously offering a fabulous giveaway for your readers that you can add to your post and on social media.

Giveaway Details:

Two (2) winners (selected at random by Rafflecopter) will receive one (1) advanced reader’s paperback copy of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lord.  One (1) winner (selected at random by Rafflecopter) will receive one (1) advanced reader’s paperback copy of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lord and a gift prize package containing the following:

  1. A Jane Austen ‘Obstinate, Headstrong Girl’ mug from the Jane Austen Centre giftshop.
  2. A bookmark, and a bookplate signed by the author.
  3. A medley of Harney & Sons teas in various flavors individually wrapped teabags.
  4. A handmade ceramic tea tidy in the shape of a teapot for teabags.
  5. A box of English tea biscuits.

Giveaway period: Open from 12:01 am Pacific time 02/22/23 until 11:59pm Pacific time on 03/19/23.

Terms & Conditions:

The giveaway is hosted by Celeste Connally and Minotaur Books. No purchase is necessary. Entrants must be 18 years or older. Open to US residents only. All information will remain confidential and will not be sold or otherwise used, except to notify the winner and to facilitate postage of the books and prizes to the winners. Void where prohibited. One giveaway item per eligible entrant.

Announcement of Winner:

Visit author Celeste Connally’s website on March 20, 2023, to see if you won one of the three prizes.


Indie Weekend: The Great Loveda Brown #IndieAuthors #HistoricalMystery

After some time off due to illness, I’m happy to resume Indie Weekend. Indie Weekend is my effort to promote self-published and indie books. If I can help even a little bit with marketing, I’m happy to do it. Below is my review of Book One in the Idyllwild Mystery Series, The Great Loveda Brown. I was first introduced to Loveda Brown when I read Book Five out of order, but I enjoyed it so much I was determined to go back and read them from the beginning. The Book Description, Review, and Buy Links are below.


Determined to outmaneuver a past that is quickly catching up to her, Loveda Brown takes a side road into the middle of nowhere. The secluded mountain town seems like an ideal hiding place… until a body appears on the road at dawn.

Suddenly the prime suspect in a murder she didn’t commit, she’s trapped until she can prove her innocence. Loveda’s inquiries trigger a haunting local history that’s about to repeat itself. As she races to unearth buried secrets, the murderer strikes again.

Will Loveda become part of the deadly legacy in a town time forgot, or can she stop the killer before she becomes the next victim?


I really enjoyed this mystery set in Idyllwild, California.  Loveda Brown is a strong character, full of wit and determination.  In fact, she’s often the smartest person in a room full of men, although they wouldn’t acknowledge that much in 1912.  The description of the setting in Idyllwild is excellent, and I felt immediately transported there.  Loveda’s first investigation is for an intriguing reason that will captivate the reader.  Her past as an abused spouse and the effect this has had on her is well described. 

The cast of town characters is intriguing, and I want to visit them again, which will be easy to do since this is the first of eight books in the series so far.  The mystery is full of twists and turns, and the villain is quite a surprise.  Historical events of that era are woven into the story.   If you enjoy reading books about strong women, you will connect with Loveda immediately.   Historical mystery fans will also be delighted and intrigued to visit Idyllwild and solve a mystery with Loveda. 

I downloaded a copy of this book via Kindle Unlimited, where subscribers can read all eight books for free.


Jolie Tunnell, award-winning and Amazon best-selling author, brings the past to life with suspenseful historical mysteries. She lives in Southern California with her hubby, five kids, and a pear-shaped cat. Minus the murders, Idyllwild has been her summer retreat for years.

Cozy up with a cuppa and enjoy her mountaintop mysteries with a feisty small town community, hidden villains, and the unsinkable Loveda Brown. She offers readers a historical whodunnit with the flavor of turn-of-the-century Wild West.




*Kindle Unlimited subscribers, remember you can read all eight books for free.


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Blog Tour and Book Review: His Secret Daughter by Melissa Wiesner


Not Noah. Not my husband. But there he is, unconscious in the hospital bed. Our daughter sobs into my shoulder. We love him so much. What if he never wakes up? And who is the little girl beside him, gazing up at us with big, tear-filled brown eyes? Eyes that look just like my husband’s…

Our family of three is perfect. Just me, Noah and our teenage daughter Maya. The day the police knock at our door, telling us about the car accident, is the worst day of my life. My heart shatters, but what they say next almost makes it stop beating: Noah was in the car with another woman who died at the scene. Her two-year-old girl, Luna, miraculously survived.

With Noah fighting for his life, I’m desperate for the truth: and when I search his desk, I find checks made out to Luna’s mother. Did my loving, loyal husband have a secret family all along?

Despite my own terrible pain, at the hospital I can’t help but comfort this poor child as she cries for her mommy. With nowhere else for Luna to go, I find myself opening our home. Seeing Maya hold Luna’s hand and giggle as they chase butterflies in the garden, it’s almost like my daughter has a sister…

I have an impossible choice. Do I tell Maya the truth about her father? If Noah wakes up, will even more secrets come out about who he really is? And can I forgive him enough to give this sweet, innocent girl a home… or will my husband’s betrayal tear us all apart?

Fans of Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper, Kate Hewitt and Diane Chamberlain will adore this absolutely unputdownable read about how the people we love most can hide the darkest secrets.


Melissa Wiesner is a night-owl who began writing novels about five years ago when her early-to-bed family retired for the evening. In 2019, she won the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® Award in the Mainstream Fiction Category for her first novel. Melissa holds two Master’s Degrees in Public Health and Community Agency Counseling. Her day job is in Social Work where she often encounters people knocked down by hard times but who pick themselves up and keep going, just like the characters of her novels. Melissa lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her charming husband and two adorable children.

Melissa’s Social Media

Instagram | Twitter | Website

Sign up to be the first to hear about new releases from Melissa Wiesner here: 

Book Review

When the police knock on Emma’s door, she is unprepared for what she is about to hear. Her husband, Noah, has been in a car accident and is in a coma. The woman who was with him has passed away. But what should be done with the little three-year-old girl, Luna, who survived the accident? Emma is speechless, because she has no idea who the woman is, and her only child with Noah is a teenager, Maya. Is Noah the father of this little girl? Thus begins Emma’s journey as she unlocks her husband’s past and finds out the secrets he’s been keeping.

I enjoyed this story of a man’s secret past and how it affects his family. The author does a good job of portraying Emma’s emotions as she peels back layer after layer of the life of her husband, who she thought she had known. Flashes back to the past show us how Emma and Noah meet, fell in love, and marry. Emma’s struggles as a parent during this tragedy are portrayed in a realistic way. This is a well-crafted story with unexpected pieces that fall perfectly into place. It is at times a heartbreaking read. Fans of women’s fiction and “hidden past” stories will enjoy this book.

I received a free copy of this book from Bookouture via Netgalley. My review is voluntary and the opinions expressed are my own. (less)

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Book Review: Under A Veiled Moon #ThePrincessAlice #HistoricalFiction @austenprose @karen_odden

This is the second book in Karen Odden’s Inspector Corravan mystery series.  I had little to no problems reading it as a standalone, but starting with the first book would be beneficial.  It is 1878 and Corravan is assigned by Scotland Yard to investigate the collision of The Princess Alice with The Bywell Castle in the Thames River.  Over 400 lives are lost.  Corravan, who was adopted by an Irish family, the Doyles, tries to conduct an impartial investigation as the newspapers and Scotland Yard seem to be convinced that the Irish Republican Brotherhood is to blame. Corravan tries to maintain calm as anti-Irish sentiment abounds.  The details of the crash and the personalization woven into the investigation are impressive.  The author’s research is obviously meticulous as she takes us throughout London at that time, both while investigating the crash and while Corravan deals with Irish gangs. 

This is a very detailed book as we follow every facet of the investigation. Karen Odden’s ability to bring to life an investigation of a real-life shipwreck that happened over 140 years ago is impressive.  Inspector Corravan is also thrust into the aftermath of the crash, rescue, and recovery in a realistic way, and we see all the horrors as he experiences them. The inside look at the Irish gangs and politics is intriguing, and the overall treatment of the Irish at that time is heartwrenching.  The soft side of Corravan really doesn’t come out until we meet his love, Belinda, about 30 percent into the book, but those who have read the first book in the series would already have known her and seen this side of the Inspector. Their romance is compelling but does not take over the book.  The Doyle family dynamics and the tension caused by decisions made years ago also become a significant part of the story.

My only slight criticism at all is that the first 10 to 15 percent of the book before the shipwreck happens moves a little slowly.  The pace picks up significantly after that.

This is a well-thought-out, meticulously researched historical mystery with compelling characters.  I highly recommend you check out this series, starting with the first book, Down A Dark River.

I received a free copy of this book via Austenprose Book Tours. My review is voluntary and my opinions are my own.


I did a spotlight of this book for an Austenprose blog tour recently, and the author information, book description, and buy links are at the above link. Just click on SPOTLIGHT.


Above is an Amazon link to buy both books in the series.

Top Ten Indie Books of 2022 #Indiebooks #TopTenIndieBooksof2022

Here are my top ten Indie books of 2022 in no particular order. These books are either published by the author(s) or by smaller, independent presses. I reviewed all of these books on Indie Weekend or its previous incarnation, Self-Published Saturday, so I’ve included a link to my review, which provides buy links at the bottom. Please check them out by clicking on the covers.

Christmas in ’45

Cathedral of Silver

Amanda in France



The Girl Who Feared Trains

Your Words, Your Heart

The Necromancer’s Daughter

The Secret Benefits of Invisibility

Distant Flickers

In the comments below, tell me about some Indie books you loved this year that I should check out!

Blog Tour and Book Review: The Christmas Holiday #thrillers


The perfect vacation or the perfect murder…

It’s Christmastime and thirty-two-year-old Alicia Silver is spending her first Christmas holiday with her handsome new husband Jack and his family in their remote lodge in the Irish mountains.

The Silver family are wealthy and beautiful, they seem to live a charmed existence and Alicia only hopes she can live up to their high expectations for her marriage.

The festivities are in full swing but Alicia quickly discovers that, behind their perfect image, the Silver family is hiding plenty of secrets…

The gorgeous husband
The jealous sister-in-law
The glamorous step-mother
The wealthy father-in-law

Before the vacation is over one of them will be dead.

But who would kill to protect their secret? And who will survive this Christmas holiday?


This is a wonderfully suspenseful murder mystery/thriller that puts a whole new face on holiday fiction. The twists and turns do not stop, and everyone seems to be harboring a secret. The Silver family seems too good to be true, and they are! This book takes the phrase “things are not what they seem” to a whole new level. Talk about an unhappy holiday! If you want to read some unique holiday fiction, give this one a try.

I received a free copy of this book via Zooloo’s Book Tours. My review is voluntary and the opinions are my own.


I’ll let you into a little secret… Mikayla Davids isn’t my real name, it’s just the pen name I write under. I could be the person sitting opposite you on the train, furiously tapping away at a laptop, or the woman scribbling in a notebook on the table beside you in Starbucks. Everyone has their secrets. And this is mine.

But I will tell you I’ve lived and breathed fictional worlds all my life. I’ve been the child who spent hours in the library, the teenager who stayed up turning pages way into the night, the editor who poured every working hour into helping authors achieve their dreams of being published. Now I’m the secret writer.

I write psychological thrillers about family dramas, complicated relationships and ordinary moments that can suddenly turn into nightmares.

Mikayla’s Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website | Goodreads

Buy Links

#Bookreview: The Highlander’s Holiday Wife #Mystery #Romance #Holiday

This is another book I read in September for the November issue of Historical Novels Review, the magazine of The Historical Novel Society.

Edinburgh, 1826.  Lady Samantha Penwith, who runs a school and orphanage, is determined to find out who assaulted and murdered her husband. While out investigating, she rescues the victim of another assault and then slips away.  Braden Kendrick is the sensible member of Clan Kendrick, a noted doctor. But when an unknown rescuer saves his life, he is determined to find out their identity.  As Christmas approaches, Samantha and Braden find themselves fighting to uncover the truth and endangering their lives in the process.

This is a murder mystery with a touch of action/thriller and romance. The cover and title do not closely match the story because this is a well-crafted mystery as opposed to a light holiday romance.  It did not quite transport me to the Christmas season, but the characters are well-rounded and I easily connected with them.  The whole Clan Kendrick is an interesting family that readers will enjoy knowing.  Samantha is a strong woman, and the mystery is completely intriguing and compelling. The book is a bit of a slow burn in the first half, leading up to an exciting second half.  Recommended to anyone who enjoys Regency-style murder mysteries with strong female characters.

I received a free copy of this book from Zebra books via The Historical Novel Society. My review is voluntary and the opinions expressed are my own.


Vanessa Kelly is the award-winning and USA Today bestselling author of The Improper Princesses series, the Clan Kendrick, The Renegade Royals and The Stanton Family series, in addition to other historical romances. Named by Booklist as one of the “Stars of Historical Romance,” her books have been translated into nine languages and published internationally. In graduate school, Vanessa specialized in the study of eighteenth-century British fiction and is known for developing vibrant Regency settings, appealing characters, and witty storylines that captivate readers. She lives with her husband in Ottawa. Visit her at or join the Clan Kendrick Facebook Group at


Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Apple Books | Google

Blog Tour and #bookreview Inglestone Manor #childrensmysteries #middlegradehistoricalfiction


It is 1944, and Lizzy, Charlie, and May ( known affectionately as Munch) have been evacuated from London for their safety. They are sent to Inglestone Manor at the specific request of the eccentric owner, although they have never met her. They soon encounter shady caretakers and hear of a lost treasure. As they begin to search for the treasure, they meet a mysterious boy and fight off an evil man. Does the treasure really exist?

I was immediately reminded of The Chronicles of Narnia, as three children are sent out of London during the blitz, meet an eccentric older person, and have an amazing adventure. But this tale is quite unique and different. It is such a well-written children’s story, revolving around an old mansion. The historical time period, the bombings, and the stress of evacuating for both children and parents are well described. The plot moves along briskly, and it is full of mystery and wonder. The villains are perfectly villainous from the start, and I love that so much. The main characters are likable and engaging. Lizzy is a fierce and protective older sister, and the conversations between Mrs. Inglestone and Munch are delightful. The cover is spookily endearing and will draw the reader in. Although this is a children’s book, adults will also love this treasure-seeking historical adventure.

My only criticism would be that the book blurb currently on Amazon definitely needs an edit and rewrite. It does not match the quality of the writing in the book at all.

My rating is 4.5 stars, rounded up to 5 on sites with no half-star option.

I received a free copy of this book via Zooloo’s Book Tours. My review is voluntary and my opinions are my own.


Originally from Guyana, S. S. Saywack came to London with his family in 1962. Educated in North London, he studied information graphics at a London college and then worked as a graphic designer for many years. He later changed careers and became a teacher at a sixth-form college in East London. Taking early retirement, he turned to a third career and became an author. 

With a love for reading and history in general, he wrote his first novel that became the Mary Finch Series (four books for older children set in the fictional world of Sherlock Holmes and an additional chapter book to make five in total) and that was swiftly followed by Inglestone Manor.

He currently writes both children’s fiction and adult detective fiction.

Follow him at: Facebook | Twitter | Website


Amazon | Amazon UK

Book Promo: It Never Occurred To Her #Mystery #Thriller #ChristianFiction

*Not a book review

ItNeverOccuredtoher copy

Welcome to the book tour for It Never Occurred to Her by Michelle Jester! Read on for more info!

It Never Occurred to Her by Michelle Jester

It Never Occurred to Her Publication Date: November 28th, 2021 Genre: Mystery/ Thriller/ Christian Fiction For two years Gabriel has followed every lead, no matter how small, in the hope of finding his wife who has been kidnapped. He and the police always seem to be one step behind, until investigators give him information that helps him launch the plan to find her. When Lena looks up into the eyes of her husband, who she hasn’t seen in two years, she is humiliated and wants nothing more than to run before he recognizes her. And so she does. It’s only when she faces a desperate situation that she is forced to return and ask for his help. As fate twists its way through both of their lives, they realize it doesn’t matter how much they have prepared to face the realities of losing someone, or finding them again, redemption is in letting go of the past and finding a future just off the beaten path. TW: Kidnapping/ Torture (Not Explicit) Available on Amazon

About the Author

Michelle Jester Author Photo88 - sq Michelle Jester lives in Louisiana with her husband, high school sweetheart and retired Master Sergeant. She is contributing author to the #1 bestseller My Labor Pains Were Worse than Yours, and has been writing poems and stories for as long as she can remember. Michelle is a hopeless romantic who wears a bracelet with a single yellow, rubber duckie charm on it to remind her to enjoy the fun and happy things of life!

Michelle Jester | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

It Never Occurred to Her 101 (4)

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Blog Tour and Book Review: Lady Odelia’s Secret

Lady Odelia’s Secret by Jane Steen

Publication Date: March 7, 2022 Aspidistra Press Genre: Historical Mystery Series: Scott-De Quincy Mysteries, #2     Do you ever really know your family? In the 1880s a sixth daughter learns not to ask for much, even if she’s the daughter of an earl. Even if she married the richest man in her corner of Sussex. Even if she’s now a widow with a splendid Georgian mansion. Lady Helena Whitcombe is still trying to adjust to widowhood and reconcile her family loyalties with her desires when her artist sister Odelia makes a startling suggestion. Why not make her mark on the house that’s now all hers, by commissioning a magnificent work of art from one of London’s most celebrated painters? Lady Odelia invites Helena into the seductive world of medieval fantasies and fairy tales she has inhabited since Helena was a child. But when a shocking series of events exposes the destructive reality of a great artist’s unusual lifestyle, Helena and her lady’s maid Guttridge are called on to help—or is it to interfere? Looming danger, the risk of scandal, and competing loyalties force Helena to re-evaluate her relationship with the sister she’s always loved the most. What is Lady Odelia’s secret? Find out in this gripping continuation of the Scott-De Quincy Mysteries, a story that blends mystery and historical detail with Downton Abbey-style saga as the truths about Helena’s aristocratic family unfold. Read it now before the secret gets out!

Amazon | Barnes and Noble

About the Author

Jane Steen writes series set in the late Victorian period, with an unputdownable blend of mystery, family saga, romance, and the real-life issues facing women of the era. She is an indie author who began her career while living in Illinois, later moving with her American husband to her native England. When not working, she can be found walking through the green and muddy Sussex countryside, getting her cobwebs blown away on the nearby beaches, lovingly tending her garden, or sticking her nose into yet another book. For more information, please visit Jane Steen’s website. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads.

Blog Tour Schedule

Monday, April 4 Review at Coffee and Ink Interview at Novels Alive Review at Gwendalyn’s Books Tuesday, April 5 Review at Bonnie Reads and Writes Wednesday, April 6 Interview at Passages to the Past Thursday, April 7 Review at History From a Woman’s Perspective Friday, April 8 Review at Novels Alive Review at View from the Birdhouse


9 winners will receive an eBook of Lady Odelia’s Secret and the main prize winner will receive a $10 Amazon Gift card & eBook of Lady Odelia’s Secret. The giveaway is open to the US only and ends on April 8th. You must be 18 or older to enter. Lady Odelia’s Secret


Lady Helena Whitcomb is the sixth daughter of an earl, but the widow of a very rich man. She is struggling to start her life over after the death of her husband. She decides to commission an artist, Sir Geraint Dorrian-Knowles, to create works of art for a room in her home. Dorrian-Knowles is enthusiastically recommended by Helena’s sister Odelia. The artist begins his work, and shock, intrigue, deception, and murder follow. Along the way, Odelia’s secret comes to light. This is the second book in the Scott-De Quincy Mystery Series.

Although this is a Victorian mystery, it is even more about the dynamics of a large, entitled family in 1880s Britain. The relationship between Helena and her older sister Odelia is interesting and sometimes fun, as Odelia tends to shock the much more conservative Helena. Helena and her ladies maid Guttridge work well together as amateur sleuths. The art world of that time, and all its excesses, is explored. The mystery is compelling and there are plenty of shocks to be had. There’s a bit of romance and hints of debauchery. Fans of mysteries and the Victorian era may enjoy this book.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via HFVBT Book Tours. My review is voluntary. My opinions are my own.