Indie Weekend: The Great Loveda Brown #IndieAuthors #HistoricalMystery

After some time off due to illness, I’m happy to resume Indie Weekend. Indie Weekend is my effort to promote self-published and indie books. If I can help even a little bit with marketing, I’m happy to do it. Below is my review of Book One in the Idyllwild Mystery Series, The Great Loveda Brown. I was first introduced to Loveda Brown when I read Book Five out of order, but I enjoyed it so much I was determined to go back and read them from the beginning. The Book Description, Review, and Buy Links are below.


Determined to outmaneuver a past that is quickly catching up to her, Loveda Brown takes a side road into the middle of nowhere. The secluded mountain town seems like an ideal hiding place… until a body appears on the road at dawn.

Suddenly the prime suspect in a murder she didn’t commit, she’s trapped until she can prove her innocence. Loveda’s inquiries trigger a haunting local history that’s about to repeat itself. As she races to unearth buried secrets, the murderer strikes again.

Will Loveda become part of the deadly legacy in a town time forgot, or can she stop the killer before she becomes the next victim?


I really enjoyed this mystery set in Idyllwild, California.  Loveda Brown is a strong character, full of wit and determination.  In fact, she’s often the smartest person in a room full of men, although they wouldn’t acknowledge that much in 1912.  The description of the setting in Idyllwild is excellent, and I felt immediately transported there.  Loveda’s first investigation is for an intriguing reason that will captivate the reader.  Her past as an abused spouse and the effect this has had on her is well described. 

The cast of town characters is intriguing, and I want to visit them again, which will be easy to do since this is the first of eight books in the series so far.  The mystery is full of twists and turns, and the villain is quite a surprise.  Historical events of that era are woven into the story.   If you enjoy reading books about strong women, you will connect with Loveda immediately.   Historical mystery fans will also be delighted and intrigued to visit Idyllwild and solve a mystery with Loveda. 

I downloaded a copy of this book via Kindle Unlimited, where subscribers can read all eight books for free.


Jolie Tunnell, award-winning and Amazon best-selling author, brings the past to life with suspenseful historical mysteries. She lives in Southern California with her hubby, five kids, and a pear-shaped cat. Minus the murders, Idyllwild has been her summer retreat for years.

Cozy up with a cuppa and enjoy her mountaintop mysteries with a feisty small town community, hidden villains, and the unsinkable Loveda Brown. She offers readers a historical whodunnit with the flavor of turn-of-the-century Wild West.




*Kindle Unlimited subscribers, remember you can read all eight books for free.


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  1. Glad you are getting back up to speed.

    There are a lot of fascinating aspects to explore in the early 20th century as a setting and I’m glad to see more authors starting to take them on.

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