Self-Published Saturday: Cathedral of Silver #ScienceFiction #SpaceAdventure

Self-Published Saturday is my effort to help indie/self-published authors with the huge task of marketing their books. Self-published authors have to do it all, and if I can help even a little, I’m happy to do so. Below is my review of Cathedral of Silver, a Sci-Fi space adventure.


The beautiful snow-capped mountains of Kanchi are places of nightmares. Paul Tarseus, a ruthless Lord of the Tuyet Voi, seeks to uncover the secrets of this unknown darkness. But when twisted into the company of young Ramona and her mother, Paul’s goals and brutal views of the galaxy are flipped on end.

Never has Paul imposed the service of underworld mercenaries, sided with arch-rivals, or been swept into family dramas, and he certainly has never been told to apologize to a drone. But he’ll do whatever it takes to protect those around him and to drag the evils lurking in the shadows of the galaxy into the light.


What a gem! Every once in a while, I add a diamond because five stars is not enough. This is one of those times.

Wow. I can’t heap enough praise on this young, first-time author. Cathedral of Silver has a compelling plot, lots of action, and well-developed characters. The space adventure does not quit. And most importantly of all, it’s fresh and original, but somehow still has that “classic science fiction” vibe. Wall has a rare ability to make his characters memorable and make the reader care about them. That takes true talent. Now I need to rave about the world-building. It’s fantastic! I’m impressed with the author’s creativity. And the writing easily transports me to every stop on this adventure. This is unique, special, addictive science fiction. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

Although I was offered a free copy, I purchased a copy of this book because the author’s writing talent blew me away and I know I’ll be hearing his name again. Watch out for Ian Wall, writing world!

My review is voluntary and my opinions are my own.


Ian Wall

(In his own words) I’m a debut author who loves science fiction and deep characters.
But wouldn’t you rather be reading a fun sci-fi adventure with a dark underbelly of spooky nightmares? *Cough cough* Cathedral of Silver, Book 1 of The Galaxies Saga?

No? Well, if you insist. I’ve more or less been writing my whole life. Well, since 4th grade anyway. I come from a family of writers, so I like to think my love for the art is somehow genetic. Penciling short stories and poetry was a hallmark of my adolescence, but I never had the courage to try publishing anything until recently. Cathedral of Silver is my first real attempt at writing a novel, and I’ve spent the last three years pouring my blood, sweat, tears, and soul into making it as great as it can be.

If you’d like to back my silly endeavors, check out a couple of free chapters of Cathedral of Silver on Amazon. Your support means more to me than you might know!

Thanks for reading



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    1. The author replied: I’m wanting to use Vietnamese terms and names for the Tuyet Voi people. I’m trying to use certain languages depending on what planet a given character is from. Example: Ramona’s race have Japanese names, Rougar’s Hispanic, Paul’s Greek. (All roughly along those lines anyway)


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