Self-published Saturday: The Emissary: A First Contact Novel

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It wasn’t the aliens she had to worry about; it was the humans.

A troubled young woman is recruited by a race of ancient alien explorers to be their emissary to save the human race from extinction. The problem is that not everyone believes the world is doomed, and not everyone trusts the aliens’ motives. Holly Burton will have to overcome opposition from world leaders, attacks by religious zealots, assassination attempts, intractable bureaucracies, and her own fears and doubts if she is to save the human race, not just from the coming apocalypse, but from itself.

She will have to become a very different person to lead a remnant of humanity into space and become the architect of a new civilization. The question is: Can she use the extraordinary knowledge and abilities given to her without losing her own humanity in the process?


Holly Burton is just a girl living a normal life with her Dad–well, as normal as you can get in a post-apocalyptic world. Then, aliens arrive, announcing that they want to meet with the world’s leaders, and Holly’s life is literally turned upside down. Twelve years later, she is a troubled university professor, and the aliens choose her as emissary. She is to lead a select group of Earth’s people into space so they can prevent the extinction of the human race. There is a real coming of age element, as Holly matures from partying professor to leader and struggles with the politics and suspicion that surround her at every turn. 

This is a compelling story of first contact that portrays how certain governments and individuals might react. The characters are interesting and well written, and Holly is a wonderfully conflicted protagonist who shows real character growth. The plot is well developed and engaging. The idea of first contact is an intriguing one. What would varying reactions be from different countries? Would our world accept first contact or react with suspicion? 

There are some political opinions in this story, so if you avoid politics, be aware. The ending is a bit of a surprise. I would recommend this book to fans of classic science fiction.


Michael J. Edwards is a writer living in the Pacific Northwest (USA). Having unexpectedly found himself in his seventh decade of life, he decided to retire from Boeing and become a writer of speculative fiction. The Emissary is his first novel. Follow him at Buy The Emissary at the links below.

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  1. Hi Bonnie, I love what you’re doing on here, promoting self-published books. Please let me know if you would be interested in featuring mine sometime? Duplicity (The Dangers of Dreaming: Book 1) is a fun and twisty, action-packed fantasy romance you can find on Amazon. Please contact me on Instagram or Facebook @chloeblythauthor, or comment back if you don’t use either. Thanks!

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