Sunday Post: Hold Your Horses

Yesterday was the Kentucky Derby. My Dad loved to go to the track when I was a kid in Cincinnati, which is right across the river from Kentucky. He used to always say that we should only bet what we can afford to lose, and I’ve kept that philosophy to this day. I bet $140 yesterday on many various combinations of horses and ended up hitting on an exacta (that’s choosing the first two horses in order of finish) and I won $330 on that, and another $16 on a $2 win bet for the winning horse, Mage. So I came out ahead for the day. The Kentucky Derby always makes me think of my Dad, who passed in 2019. I usually only bet a few times a year, and usually only on Triple Crown races.

The first two days of the week were sad ones as I went to visit my wonderful aunt who is home on hospice and expected to pass away. I’m glad I got to say goodbye.

It’s quiet here in the house because Doug is in Bryson City doing more home renovation. But on Friday I’ll have all three of my grandkids for four days and I’ll be wishing for quiet. lol.

I hope you all had a great week.


On Tuesday I reviewed The Widow’s Weeds by Allie Cresswell.

On Wednesday I participated in WWW Wednesdays.

On Thursday I reviewed Cafe 7Rheinhardt for Zooloo’s Book Tours.

On Friday I participated in Book Blogger Hop.

And on Saturday I reviewed Making the Low Notes for Indie Weekend.


I can now post the reviews I did earlier this year for the May edition of Historical Novels Review, the Magazine of the Historical Novel Society. I’ll be posting three of them next week:

I’ll also be posting a review of Gail Meath’s newest book in the Jax Diamond series, Blackjack. It releases on May 10th.


*West Heart Kill was Read Now on Netgalley yesterday. I’m not sure if it still is. It’s supposed to be a unique approach to a murder mystery.

How was your week? Did you pick up any new books?

21 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Hold Your Horses”

  1. Well, this is bittersweet, Bonnie. I am so sorry about your aunt, but it was good that you got to see her (hugs). And congratulations on your winnings!! There was an article in the paper yesterday about Secretariat still holding the record after all these years – great story! I’m also looking forward to your review!!!!

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  2. Yes saying goodbye is so hard but I know I’ll see her on the other side. Secretariat was one of a kind and I do enjoy the Kentucky Derby. I’m so happy to be editor for your series and I can’t wait to share my review! I didn’t mention the Q&A but we’ll be doing that too.

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  3. You are a sensible gambler. I’ve never been to a horse race but it sounds like it could be fun, as long as one doesn’t go overboard. All your historical books for review look quite intriguing. Have a great week!

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  4. I always loved going to the track although I’ve never been to the Derby. My dad used to take me to the local races. Congrats on the wins! And I’m sorry t ohear about your aunt. Best wishes to your family.

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    1. Thanks Greg. I haven’t been to the Derby before. I used, which is a US based legal betting site that’s allowed in 38 states, Tennessee being one of them. Thanks so much for your good wishes.


  5. Sorry about your aunt, Bonnie, but hospice care is better than being in a hospital, I think. My mother-in-law died while on hospice care, and those people who took care of her were wonderful. She passed into heaven peacefully, with my wife and sister-in-law holding her hands.

    Going to the Kentucky Derby must really be something, and actually coming out ahead on bets is cool. 🙂

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  6. We watched portions of the Derby too, bet a little but didn’t win. Nice to hear watching brought back some nice memories of your dad. Sorry about your dad and your aunt.

    Love my grandkids, but yes, I hear ya. I need some quiet time after a day with them, lol. Enjoy! 🙂


  7. Your historical books look like winners – I’ll be watching for your reviews. Already had the first one on my TBR and added Girl in the Photo. Have a great week.
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys

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