Self-Published Saturday: The Key House

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After moving into a newly inherited house, the Noland kids discover clues to a supposed treasure hidden by their great-great-grandfather. But when town rumors and some spiteful neighbors suggest foul play was involved, Caleb and David set out on a quest to prove otherwise.

With unexpected dangers looming large and threatening their mission, can the Noland kids discover the mysterious treasure or whatever lies at the end of their treacherous venture, before time runs out and all is lost?


This is a Christian middle-grade adventure that kids will enjoy. Set in the mid-1990s, we follow the Noland kids as they move into a new house and discover its secrets. Hidden rooms, tunnels, and clues hint at pirates and maybe treasure. The Noland kids’ parents are very involved in the story and their children’s activities, which is a refreshing change from many middle-grade books, where the parents are completely out of the picture. The kids’ experiences and lessons learned are often tied into scripture, which Christian parents will appreciate. The pirate mystery is intriguing.

I have one minor scriptural disagreement: The continued insistence by Mr. Noland that there are no ghosts and that spirits are either in Heaven or Hell conflicts with 1 Samuel 28: 7-20, where a medium who disobeyed the law brought back the spirit of Samuel, and it obviously wasn’t the first spirit she’d ever summoned. Also, while not ghosts, there is definitely a vast spiritual world described in the Bible where angels and demons are at war. I realize this is a kid’s book, however.

Overall, The Key House is a compelling adventure puzzle that kids will enjoy solving.


Pastor and author Mike Curtis brings adventure to life in his new Noland Kids Adventure book series. Growing up in a sports-focused family that loved camping, exploring, and all things adventure, Mike dove into teen ministry in his early twenties to bring the Good News to a distracted and struggling generation.

He is married to the popular homeschooling author and speaker Meredith Curtis. They live in Lake Mary, Florida, and have five children and five grandchildren. As a spiritual dad and pastor of Powerline Church, his passion is sharing life-giving principles from God’s Word that impact and transform others.

In his spare time he loves to watch adventure movies like The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies with his family and friends, and on occasion has been found sacrificing for those he loves by watching a Hallmark romance. He can also be found indulging in books on apologetics, theology, and leadership, in addition to some aggressive ping pong matches during discipleship time with young men. And next to a good steak, Mike’s favorite dish is beef tongue!

His desire is to use his books to mentor the next generation, sharing Christ and biblical principles of character in relevant and enjoyable adventure stories and practical studies.


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