WordPress Issues

WordPress keeps indicating that I’ve unfollowed people that I have not. If you think I’ve unfollowed you, I haven’t intentionally done so, and I’ll just keep hitting that follow button again until WordPress gets it right.

It’s also not notifying me of some followers’ posts the way it’s supposed to.

15 thoughts on “WordPress Issues”

      1. I know, right? Believe me, that happened with Pacific Paratrooper! I remember, quite a few years ago, taking a similar course of action as you did, on their blog, after I discovered I wasn’t following them anymore. It happens so often now, that I just go back and refollow them once I suddenly think “I haven’t seen a post from so-and-so in a while” and I just go back in and refollow them. At one point, I tried to make an actual, off-platform checklist for other blogs I follow, but it got kinda overwhelming, especially when the list of blogs I follow wouldn’t load after a certain point when I scrolled down. The only thing that came out of that was that I did manage (it took weeks!) to weed out a bunch of dormant blogs. Which was maybe wasted energy, because if they’re dormant, they won’t show up in my feed. And, literally, over the past two weeks, I signed up for da-al’s happiness between tails blog (at least) twice and I still wasn’t getting their posts in my feed, nor in my email the second (or was it third?) time? It’s always struck me that with each of the WordPress fancy revamps, they still never manage to fix systemic issues like this. (I think I first opened a WP account in…2013?…somewhere around the time I opened my business…so, yeah, it’s been almost that long with these glitches). Sorry for the long-winded comment, but I hope it makes you feel better that I, at least, just understand it’s par for the course with WordPress. So, no worries!

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  1. Did this just start happening, Bonnie? This was a bug that started showing up last February/March 2021; it plagued me for a year, despite regular help tickets submitted! WordPress claimed to have fixed the bug on 2/22/22.

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