Self-Published/Indie Saturday: False Truth by C.D. Steele

Self-Published Saturday is my effort to help Self-Published and Indie authors promote their books. Indie/Self-Published authors have to do it all, from cover design to editing and especially marketing. If I can help even a little with the daunting task of marketing by sharing their books with others, I’m happy to do it. Today we have an Indie detective thriller, False Truth by C.D. Steele.


This is an interesting detective story which begins and ends in London, with some side trips to South America. Private Detective Joe Wilde has been hired to investigate the disappearance of Liam Devlin, an up-and-coming footballer who may have committed suicide. Liam’s mother Sally doesn’t think so, and Joe begins to agree with her as his investigation progresses and outside forces try to interfere. This is an engaging mystery and the first book in the Joe Wilde series.

This detective story is unusual in its telling, as it sticks very closely to action throughout the story and doesn’t begin developing characters right away. Consequently, there is a bit more telling than showing, but it somehow works in this novel. Although there is not a lot of early character development, details about Wilde are leaked slowly throughout the book. I believe this is intentional, and I think we will learn more about the main characters as this series progresses. The supporting cast is also a little mysterious. For example, Wilde’s friend Mark is extremely gifted with computer technology and always does him favors when asked. We are only given the slightest hints as to why, but again I feel more will be revealed later in the series. The mystery is layered and well-developed, and the conclusion is not easily predictable. For those who try to avoid politics, the story does get a little political. However, the politics do not take over the book. I found it to be an enjoyable and quick read. Fans of detective fiction and crime stories with a lot of action and intrigue will enjoy this fast-paced novel.


C. D. Steele works as an Executive Officer in the Civil Service. He has a degree in Recreation Management and lives in Bangor, County Down. This is his first novel.





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