#Audiobook Review: Secrets of Magpie Cove #smalltownfiction

Lila has fled the city and is reinventing her life in Magpie Cove. She’s attending patisserie school and working in Serafina’s cafe. Serafina is a loving, outgoing, and kind woman who keeps the town going. When she passes, Lila is left with a lot of uncertainty, including whether or not she still has a job. When Lila’s son takes over the cafe, things get even worse. Will Lila have to leave Magpie Cove?

This is a sweet and fairly uncomplicated romance, but it really doesn’t need many complications. The descriptions of Lila’s small-town life, her supportive friends, and her constant tension with Nathan make for a great story. I loved the inclusion of Lila’s fight to help feed the elderly in her town and the descriptions of the food she was making in the cafe or patisserie school. The fact that so many people have food insecurities they might be keeping secret is a major theme in this book, to its credit. Lila’s struggles to deal with a past miscarriage are explored as well. The characters are interesting and endearing. Anyone who loves small-town romances should plan a visit to Magpie Cove.

I listened to the audiobook and Katie Villa does a great job with the narration.

I received a free copy of this audiobook from Saga Egmont Audio via Netgalley. My review is voluntary and my opinions are my own.


Kennedy Kerr is a USA Today Bestselling fiction author. She adores beaches, lochs and stone circles, and loves writing about small communities, mysteries and family secrets. She has a very cuddly cat called Twinkle who spends her days sleeping: Kennedy aspires to having Twinkle’s nap schedule one day.

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