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The Book Blogger Hop was originally created by Jennifer @ Crazy-For-Books in March 2010 and ended on December 31, 2012. With Jennifer’s permission, Billy @ Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer relaunched the hop on February 15, 2013. Each week the hop will start on a Friday and end the following Thursday. There will be a weekly prompt featuring a book-related question. The hop’s purpose is to give bloggers a chance to follow other blogs, learn about new books, befriend other bloggers, and receive new followers to their own blog. See the latest question below.

submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer

I’ll have to count:

I have an Audible account and one audiobook a month comes with that, so I buy one audiobook a month.

I also have a Kindle Unlimited account, and I’m allowed to borrow up to 20 books at a time. But they aren’t free because I pay a monthly fee for it. In the end I have to return them, so I guess those don’t count. But I do pay a fee. I use this a lot for Self-Published Saturday so I can read the books and the authors still get credit for it.

And of course, like all book bloggers, I get tons and tons of free books, resulting in a mountainous TBR. I have boxes of books I’ve read and reviewed that are going to be donated to free libraries and various other places. You would think that with all those free books coming in, I wouldn’t need to buy any, but I do.

I have certain authors whose books I always buy, especially my favorite, Jodi Taylor, author of the Chronicles of St. Mary’s and Time Police series. I buy her books in hardcover (she sells signed copies on her website), ebook for the convenience, and audiobook because even after reading the print book, I always hear something on the audiobook that I missed. There are a few other authors whose books I always buy.

So despite getting all these free books, I would say I buy two to four books a month, counting the audiobook.

16 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop”

  1. Hi Bonnie!

    I didn’t even take the review books into consideration… But they have to count too!

    I was thinking about the Chronicles of St. Mary’s by Jodi Taylor just this week and thinking I need to read another one.

    Have a good weekend and happy reading!

    Elza Reads

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  2. I have never tried Prime reading – but I generally want to read very specific books and am a slow reader. So it wouldn’t be worth it. How do you find the quality of the books on Prime?


    1. Prime Reading is available to anyone who has Amazon Prime. I pay the extra subscription for Kindle Unlimited, which gives you access to a lot more books than Prime. I find there are a lot of wonderful books on Kindle Unlimited and a lot of great self-published authors to be discovered there. I may not like everything but I certainly have found many that I do enjoy.


  3. I don’t usually buy many books. The ones I buy most often come from Bookbub unless we make a trip to a brick and mortar bookstore. I get lots from Netgalley and as review copies, though. I have so many books, my TBR pile will never be done!

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  4. I also have KU, Bonnie, but agree that I don’t buy those books, even though there is a fee. I have been getting 2 to 3 audiobooks a month, probably the same in kindle books. I usually buy a couple of children’s books a month for my grandkids. That is normal for me. I also buy secondhand books, but that is not regular, it is usually fundraising events and I have been known to walk out with 20 or more books. So, that means 6 to 9 a month.


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