Book Blogger Hop: Have you ever read with a book light? #BookBloggerHop

The first iteration of the Book Blogger Hop, which was started in March 2010 by Jennifer @ Crazy-For-Books, ended on December 31, 2012. On February 15, 2013, Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer reintroduced the hop with Jennifer’s approval. The hop will begin on a Friday of each week and end on a Thursday of the following week. Every week, there will be a prompt with a book-related query. The aim of the blog hop is to provide bloggers with an opportunity to follow other blogs, discover new books, make friends with other bloggers, and gain new followers for their own sites.

Answer: Not that I can recall. I read mostly on my phone with a Kindle or Apple Books app, so the phone provides plenty of light. I have received quite a few print books lately, so maybe I should invest in one. A search on Amazon shows that there are some lights that clip onto the book and some you wear around your neck.

How about you? Have you read with a book light and can you recommend one?

12 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop: Have you ever read with a book light? #BookBloggerHop”

  1. Yes, I have but it was a while ago. Hubby bought it for me as a gift as I liked to read in bed and he goes to sleep early so it worked very well. It clipped to the book. I no longer read in bed so don’t need it.

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  2. I still use my book light to read physical books at night, and it’s super useful when you’re in hospital as the nurses like to come around and turn off the lamps at a set time so that the other patients aren’t disturbed, which is fine until you’re a night owl who likes to read a physical book.

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  3. Yes quite recently actually. While I was in Florida, I was reading several physical books. At night I used my book light so that my friend was able to go to sleep when she wanted and I wouldn’t keep her awake. I bought one for those times when I do away with her, or spend time at her cottage.

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