Another Beautiful Poetry Book on Sale! #Poetry #Sales #IndieBooks

Great news! Another book in Louise Belanger’s Christian Poetry collection is on sale!

Your Words, Your Heart is Louise’s third book in the collection, and it’s on sale for 99 cents.

Below is a repost of my 5-star review of Your Words, Your Heart

This is the third book in Louise Bélanger’s wonderful Christian poetry collection. When released, it was the number one new release in both the “Christian Poetry” and “Religious and Inspirational Poetry” categories on Amazon. The poems are accompanied by stunningly beautiful photographs. The author’s strong and simple faith shines through on every page. Louise’s words show us that faith in God does not have to be complicated and will bring you great peace.

The poem Wings is one of my favorites, as it conjures up images of millions of prayers flying around the world, on their way up to God.

I also love Who Wins, which starts out:

“There is a glass
inside of us
Where trust and doubt compete.

As glass will not expand
They fight for space.”

It is about what we allow into our soul and who and what we trust.

My favorite poem may be Petals like Hearts. It starts out:

“Petals, like hearts
are subject to frost.”

That may be my favorite line in the book because it’s so true.

The poem most evident of the author’s strong faith is With You, which makes me feel peaceful whenever I read it.

The photographs of this book were taken by the author in her home city of Montreal and they are absolutely spectacular. The cover photo blows me away. It is just so mesmerizing. There are so many great photos in this book.

This book will leave you filled with hope and beauty, and that’s a great way to start, continue, or end any day.



Your Words, Your World is still on sale for 99 cents!

See my post here for my review and buy links.


Click on the image below to see the whole Your Words Collection.


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