Indie Weekend: Book Review: Chronicles of The Golden City #Indiebooks #Fantasy #Adventure @Author_APKnight

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This is a well-written young adult fantasy with a medieval tone. Harper has gotten an opportunity, through a friend of his father’s, Hammond, to go to the Golden City, Mascaroth, to be a soldier. Harper will be joined by his close friend Linden, and they are also traveling with Bailey and Carrington, the coddled children of the King. Linden has different goals in mind and really just wants to find a wife. Harper, however, is soon intrigued by the Einari, the ancient soldiers of Mascaroth, as his training to be a soldier begins. Thus commences a sweeping and bloody saga, as the Southern Tribesmen are plotting a takeover, and good and evil come to an inevitable clash.

I really enjoyed this novel, which includes some very captivating “stories within a story” about the Einari. Everything is so well written and woven together. Harper encounters love, betrayal, bitterness, torture, unexpected friends, and the horrors of war as he fights for freedom in more ways than one. It is truly an epic fantasy adventure of which the author can be proud. Some well-done surprises truly reveal the fact that people do not always act as expected during times of war. I highly recommend setting off on this adventure, which will immerse you into a world of swords, castles, and ancient soldiers. There is also a touch of romance. My hat is off to A.P. Knight for creating an excellent world and a wonderful story.

I downloaded a copy of this novel via Kindle Unlimited, where subscribers can read this book for free.


A.P. Knight

Andy isn’t the stereotypical author. Not only would he prefer a Dr. Seuss book to a classic, but he’d also rather have a ball in his hands than a keyboard under his fingers. But one day a story popped into his mind that he deemed too important not to write, and upon endless hours of typing, deleting, and retyping, his writing career began. If you’re searching for a young adult clean read that is as stirring as it is inspiring, then crack open one of Andy’s books.

A Midwesterner to his core, Andy prefers the simple life: shooting hoops, chasing pop flies in the outfield, hanging out with family, and scarfing heaping bowls of chocolate ice cream.




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