Sunday Post: Merry Christmas! #SundayPost

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What a cold week it’s been for everyone! Friday our power was out twice, for a total of five hours, and we huddled in the living room around the fireplace. I know a lot of others went through the same thing. Doug and I are coughing again. We got over the flu and then the grandkids visited last weekend and left us with whatever they picked up in daycare/school. We had a wonderful early Christmas with them though and it was great to see them playing with their presents.

With work and all the illness, the blog has been pretty quiet, but we’re getting back to normal. I am going to be able to spend the next few days reading and catching up on my reading/comments on other blogs. I need to also catch up on my Goodreads and Instagram, which are way behind. Also I will be making some Indie Weekend posts today and get that back on schedule again.


The Girl in the Photo is the third book in the Hanni Winter series. It’s one of two books I’ve just received from the Historical Novel Society for the May issue of Historical Novels Review. Hanni, a photographer, is trying to start over after World War II, but her father, a Nazi concentration camp commander who is still at large, is haunting her every step. I absolutely loved the first two books.

The Tapestry of Grace by Kim Vogel Sawyer is the second book I’ve received from Historical Novel Society. “When a group of Kansas women start a Frauenverein, a benevolent society devoted to aiding widows and orphans, life changes for more than just the hurting people they seek to help in this heartwarming romance inspired by historical events.” I love all of Kim Vogel Sawyer’s best-selling Christian novels.

The Everlasting Meal Cookbook by Tamar Adler is a fascinating cookbook that not only shows you great ways to use leftovers, but ways to use scraps you might have otherwise thrown away, and even greens from your yard. I am excited to read it.

The Marriage Season by Jane Dunn is a Regency Romance. Sybella Lovatt, a widow, heads to London with her sister Lucie in order to find Lucie a suitable husband.

Have a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

23 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Merry Christmas! #SundayPost”

  1. Merry Christmas, Bonnie. Glad you are starting to feel better and that you were able to celebrate an early Christmas with your family. Enjoy your day today.


  2. Our power was out Friday also, but we were at the dentist and an errand. But the Internet went off at bedtime and has stayed off. Stay safe and warm. I hope you will feel much better soon. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Bonnie!

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post


  3. I’m sorry to hear you picked up something from the kiddos. I remember when my kids were that age. We were all sick all the time around here. Hugs. Hope you had a merry Christmas!

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