Blog tour and #bookreview: The Safe Game by Wes Verde #RRbooktours

Roy, Urbane, and Victoria are three individuals who possess different talents, and that makes them a very good team of con artists.  Despite that, they are living hand to mouth and working for small change, moving from place to place to avoid the law.  That is, until a possible big score presents itself.   Suddenly they are in even more trouble, running from both police and gangsters while trying to stay out of jail as well as alive.  Set in the 1920s, this is a well-crafted and clever gangland adventure.

I connected easily with this team of cons and found myself cheering them on even as they were taking advantage of people.  At one point they locked all of their pursuers and the law in a town jail, and that was just rip-roaring fun.  The varying viewpoints allow us to connect with all three cons and learn their thoughts and personalities.  Urbane is the one whose feelings are most deeply revealed to us and thus became my favorite.   With a bit of romance, a lot of action, and clever twists and turns, this is a 1920s adventure that you don’t want to miss.  The author’s note at the end mentions historical events which are woven into the novel. I must also mention the captivating cover of this book, which sets the scene and draws the reader in.

My rating is 4.5 stars, rounded up to 5 on sites with no half-star option.

I received a free copy of this book via R&R Book Tours.  My review is voluntary and my opinions are my own.


Wes Verde is an engineer by trade, a busybody by habit, and a lifelong Jersey boy.

Writing has been a hobby in one form or another since 2006 when he started drawing 3-panel comics. When he is not putting words down, he is picking them up; the “to-read” pile only seems to grow larger.

A fan of nature, he spends as much time outside as possible.



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