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Indie Weekend is my effort to help Indie authors with marketing. Indie authors have to do it all sometimes, including marketing, and if I can help even a little bit I’m happy to do so. Below is my review of a wonderful Christian poetry book, Your Words Your Heart by Louise Bélanger.


Beautiful imageries painted with words and brimming with gorgeous photographs.

To You

We equip them with wings
And send them on their way

Oceans and oceans of prayers
Riding the wind of our beliefs
With wings of faith
With wings of hope

Reaching Your shore
Reaching Your heart

An excerpt from the poem Wings, part of this wonderful new collection.

Uplifting faith-based poetry about God, Jesus, hope, life, trust, and salvation. Sometimes comforting. Sometimes thought-provoking.

Your Words Your Heart also overflows with spring and summer photographs of magnificent flowers and gardens taken by the author in her hometown of Montréal.

Your Words Your Heart will be released October 19th.


This is the third book in Louise Bélanger’s wonderful Christian poetry collection. As I write this, it is the number one new release in both the “Christian Poetry” and “Religious and Inspirational Poetry” categories on Amazon. The poems are accompanied by stunningly beautiful photographs. The author’s strong and simple faith shines through on every page. Louise’s words show us that faith in God does not have to be complicated and will bring you great peace.

The poem Prayers in the excerpt above is one of my favorites, as it conjures up images of millions of prayers flying around the world, on their way up to God. I also love Who Wins, which starts out:

There is a glass
inside of us
Where trust and doubt compete.

It is about what we allow into our soul and who and what we trust.

My favorite poem in the book may be Petals like Hearts. It starts out:

Petals, like hearts
are subject to frost.

That may be my favorite line in the book because it’s so true.

The poem most evident of Louise’s strong faith is With You. The poem makes me feel peaceful whenever I read it.

The photographs of this book were taken by the author in her home city of Montreal and they are absolutely spectacular. The cover photo blows me away. It is just so mesmerizing.

I must disclose that I helped with editing this wonderful book and Louise has become a dear friend who has inspired me with her limitless faith and kindness. That has not affected my honest review.

Although I saw an advance copy, I also pre-ordered the Kindle edition. Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read this book for free.


(In her own words) I am a Canadian poet and the author of Your Words, Your Words Your World, and my new release: Your Words Your Heart.

All three books are beautiful and inspiring poems complemented by photographs of nature.

I started writing poetry in the spring of 2020. Pouring my emotions on paper. Describing beautiful scenery and stories that came to life in my head was quite new to me. With encouragement and help from many friends, my dream became a reality.

Louise invites you to visit her website at

LOUISE’S SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram | Facebook |Twitter


Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon Canada


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  1. Wonderful review, Bonnie!! And a wonderfully inspiring book of poetry, too, with absolutely stunning photographs. I had the great pleasure of reading it, too, and then, I bought it. Petals like Hearts is at the top of my favorites, although when I read them again, I may change my mind:)

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