Sunday Post: Slow and Steady #SundayPost

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This past week found me working hard, listening to audiobooks, and spending a long weekend watching the grandkids. I did a ton of driving this week, both work and personal, and was able to finish two audiobooks that I got from Netgalley and get well into a third.

I spent Friday, Saturday, and most of today watching our twin three-year-old grandkids. I’m exhausted! Especially since I had to drive over two hours one way to drop them off today. It is rewarding, but also tiring at the age of almost 58.

My diet is going well. I was down 14 pounds in 6 weeks last week. I don’t weigh in again until Tuesday. Slow and steady wins the race, right?


Sunday I posted a review of Outcast as part of a review for Zooloo’s Book Tours and participated in Sunday Post.

Tuesday I participated in Top Ten Tuesday

Friday I participated in Book Blogger Hop

For Self-Published Saturday, even though it went up Sunday, I posted a review of Torn Asunder by David V. Mammina


Monday I will review the audiobook of The Summer of Christmas by Juliet Giglio and Keith Giglio

Tuesday I will review the audiobook of After We Were Stolen by Brooke Beyfus and also participate in Top Ten Tuesdays

Wednesday I will review The Guest List by Fern Michaels.

Friday I will participate in Book Blogger Hop if time permits.

Saturday I will review Self-Published books as part of Self-Published Saturday.


Ivy’s Christmas screenplay is being made into a movie–In her hometown in July! And the boyfriend she killed off in the script still lives there.
After their house burns down, Avery and Cole find out they’ve been living in a cult most of their lives, and they were kidnapped years ago.

A young couple is given a honeymoon week at the fabulous Pink Hotel, but due to wildfires find themselves confined with the ultra-wealthy guests and the hotel staff, and tension ensues.


A psychological thriller about a neighbor with a secret.

A richly rewarding novel about family bonds, the power of words, and the resilience of mothers and daughters in 1930s Appalachia. (Does this sound like it’s up my alley or what?!)
A Christmas book by Debbie Macomber should be a light and fun read.

I got a huge haul of books last week, but I’ve already finished two of them, which were audiobooks, on those long drives this week. The one I am most excited to read is Light to the Hills, but I’m excited about them all.

Hope everyone has a great week!

29 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Slow and Steady #SundayPost”

  1. I get to the tired Grandma. When I have all three of my grandkids, I think I could sleep for 24 hours straight after they get home. I really like the sound of After We Were Stolen, off to see if I can find it. Have a great week, Bonnie.

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  2. You are doing great with the weight loss. Congrats!

    All of your books look so good! I have to add The Summer of Christmas to my list. I love the cover and it looks like fun.

    Have a great week!

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  3. I feel your tired. I watch my three grandchildren about 50 hours a week and come Friday, this Nonna is pooped…lol Thankfully I two will be in school come August 10th and while I have to transport them to and from, I will get a bit of break with just the little one during the day. Congrats on the loss. Slow and steady wins every time.

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  4. Try to get some rest, Bonnie. I had mine over for the weekend, too…but they at least live closer. The drive, alone, must be exhausting!

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  5. Slow and steady weight loss is the best way! 3 year old twins – I’m tired just imagining it. It’s such a cute age but also one of so much energy. Hope you have time to recoup 🤗

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  6. Wow you do a lot. I’d be exhausted too. Congrats on the good work with the diet and weight loss. I love to listen to audiobooks in the car so that’s great you had them.

    Anne – Books of My Heart

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