Sunday Post: Feeling the Heat

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Temperatures were rising here in Tennessee, starting with my house and car! First the AC went out in the house about 10 days ago. The repair people were so backed up (It’s their busy season) that they could not come out for a week. They finally came out this Thursday. Luckily for us, we had window air conditioners in our upstairs bedrooms, so we relocated upstairs for the week. We were able to stay cool until the problem was fixed. Then the AC went out in my car Thursday while I was working. I had a headache by the end of the day. And it’s going into the shop next Thursday. Hopefully we’ll be able to stay cool the rest of the summer. For centuries, people just endured the heat, and here I am making a big fuss about it. As much as I love historical fiction, I don’t think I’d have been a good pioneer.


On Monday I reviewed A Dress of Violet Taffeta by Tessa Arlen for a blog tour by Austenprose.

On Tuesday I reviewed To Kiss A Wallflower, a Timeless Regency Collection for a blog tour by Austenprose and The Girl From Jonestown for a blog tour by Bookouture.

On Thursday I reviewed Dark Blue Waves by Kimberly Sullivan for Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours.

On Friday I participated in Book Blogger Hop.

On Saturday I reviewed The Juche Box Set by Adria Carmichael for Self-Published Saturday.


Today (Sunday) I’m reviewing Suspects by Danielle Steel

Monday I’m reviewing The Beach Trap by Ali Brady and The Hurricanes of Weakerville by Chris Rylander

Tuesday I’m going to participate in Top Ten Tuesday if Time Permits

Thursday I’m reviewing Peril at the Exposition by Nev March

Saturday I’m spotlighting/reviewing self-published books on Self-Published Saturday


I got two new books this week, both from Kensington Books.

This is another Gilded Age mystery by Rosemary Simpson. I just love this series, set in Gilded Age New York. I am fascinated by that period in history. This one is set at Niagara Falls. I can’t wait to read it.

The 2022 Christmas books are beginning to come in, and I’m excited to read this trio of Christmas cozy mystery novellas by Carlene O’Connor, Maddie Day, and Peggy Ehrhart. I love Netgalley Christmas season, which starts in July!


Our Sunday dinner this week will be somewhat homemade pizza. The “somewhat” is because the crusts are purchased, but I use my homemade marinara for the sauce. I am actually canning more marinara tomorrow as we are running out. The picture above is of my last batch. It is great to have this delicious sauce on the shelf. Since I’m cutting carbs, I’m using a low-carb bagel as my crust. Doug is using one of the premade pizza crusts from the store which are ready to bake. My toppings will be pepperoni and mushrooms. Doug’s will be ham, mushrooms, and onion.

44 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Feeling the Heat”

  1. Thanks for the excellent reviews of some fascinating books. I hope your A/C woes are fixed. It is hot here in Spain right now too. Not sure what folks in the past did to keep cool.

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  2. How annoying about the a/c, but it’s good you had an alternative until they can fix it. Otherwise that would be unbearable. Enjoy your books. They look good. Have a great week and Happy 4th!

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  3. It’s no fun when the AC goes out! And in your car as well as your house, ooof. I’m glad they finally came to fix the house AC. I feel the same way about my ability to deal with the heat here in Virginia. But it’s fair to remember that a hundred or even 50 years ago, average summer temperatures were a little cooler than they are now, and there were fewer days over 90 in much of the US (including Tennessee.) I’m not saying it wasn’t hot, just not as hot, nor for as long, as it is now.

    I’m impressed with your marinara sauce! Not something I can eat (tomato allergy), but it looks delicious. We make our pizza without sauce, just herbs and a little olive oil. It’s good, but I sometimes wish I could eat regular pizza because it smells so good.

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  4. We went thru a similar deal with our house AC in 2020 during covid. It took a month to get a new unit as it wasn’t repairable but it was for the main floor and we had the upstairs HVAC. I keep checking the upstairs one as it is 22 years old now but it keeps working. I’ve had the car thing happen too, and we suffered thru a 3 week road trip vacation in August with it not working. I envy your homemade marinara. I don’t grow enough tomatoes for that but I do make my own gluten-free pizza crust. I sometimes make homemade salsa though. I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

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  5. I don’t do well with the heat! In the UK, we don’t have air con as standard in houses (just big shops etc) but I love being in the car with it on… The temps are getting so consistently high in summers that this year my husband snapped and bought an air conditioning unit for the house! It can cool the majority of the house and during the day it runs mostly off the solar panels so I think it’s one of the best purchases we ever made!
    My sweet spot is autumn temperatures (aka can go out in a jumper but don’t need a coat). 🙂
    Fingers crossed your air con woes are soon at an end!

    Hope you have a good week.

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    1. That’s awesome you have solar panels. I’d like to do that for the house I’m retiring to. I didn’t know there were not a lot of indoor air conditioners in UK homes. It depends on where you are in the US. In Colorado, all I needed was a fan because there’s no humidity. In the South, it’s hot and sticky. I’m in the mountains, so it’s better than other places in the South.


  6. I’m sorry to hear about your AC. I’m glad you got your house fixed and will soon have the one in your car fixed too. We had AC problems for a few years, but we finally got a new one put in last year and it’s been heavenly. We also drove a car with no AC for 9 years and I never ever want to do that again so I feel your pain. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  7. For years I was known for saying “This ain’t hot!” to my wife and kids. I’m older now and that expression has been retired. 🙂 Hope all is well with you, Bonnie. The world needs people like you.

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  8. Our AC’s been acting funny too- just not cooling as efficiently as it should. We did all the little things to check out and I have someone coming next week to take a peek. That’s the worst when the AC goes out though. We roasted once when that happened to us. And I’m the same way- on the really humid sweltering days I often have wondered how the Native Americans and early settlers handled it. I woulda expired 🙂

    Homemade marinara sounds great.

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  9. The ac went out in my daughter’s car too. Such an expensive pain in the rear. We are getting ready to have our home HVAC replaced because it’s really running on borrowed time at this point. It’s always something, huh?


  10. I love a good Christmas-Time Cozy Mystery and I can’t wait to start reading theme! I hope you love your read!
    New to the blog, happy to have found you here via The Sunday Post.


  11. It really is something to think about how people used to survive in this heat and humidity without any AC of any sort. How? HOW????? Every time the AC cycles off I wonder how many more minutes until it kicks on again. LOL I’m glad you had your window ACs while waiting for a repairman.

    Homemade pizza sounds so good right now!!!

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  12. Oh no! Sorry to hear about the AC issues, Bonnie! Crazy that both car and home went out. Ugh. Hope you’re much cooler this week. 🙂 I wouldn’t have made a good pioneer, either. LOL Your pizza sounds delish!!

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  13. Air conditioning sure has us spoiled, doesn’t it? I’ll take heat over freezing snow any day, but I do like my air conditioner. I hope you were able to get the one in your car fixed. Death at the Falls sounds so good! I hope you enjoy your new books and your current reads, Bonnie. I hope you enjoyed your pizza and week! Have a great weekend.


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