Self-Published Saturday: Loveda Brown: The Lover’s Knot #HistoricalMystery #Freebook

Self-Published Saturday is my effort to help self-published authors with one of their most daunting tasks of all–marketing. If I can help even a little bit, I’m happy to do it. Below is a book description, review and buy links for Lover’s Knot, the fifth book in the Idyllwild Mystery Series by Jolie Tunnell.


Loveda Brown is a bridesmaid in the tiny mountainside town of Idyllwild, California, as yet the Wild West of 1912, but with the wedding only three days away, a guest drops face-first into the chicken salad. Is it misdiagnosis or murder? Between a fortune teller, a nosy newspaper reporter, four physicians, and an overbearing aunty, Loveda wanders a maze of deceit to uncover the killer before the bride pays the ultimate price for a secret in the groom’s past.


Loveda Brown, Lover’s Knot is the fifth book in a series but can easily be read as a standalone. Although I had not read any books in this series before, I was easily swept into this novel, with its quirky cast of characters and compelling storyline. Loveda is a strong woman at a time when men ruled the roost, and she is quick to sniff out a mystery. When a woman dies under suspicious circumstances, Loveda is not content with the explanations of the men present and sets out to investigate for herself. Full of fun, intrigue, twists, turns, and even some fortune-telling, this book will keep you entertained. I found the writing to be exceptional. It grabs you and takes you on an adventure that can be both humorous and perilous. I felt transported back to 1912 to this tiny town in the west. Will I seek out the rest of this series to read? That’s no mystery. You bet I will.

My only slight criticism is on the cover. The cover itself is very pretty, especially when displayed in a set with the other books in the series. But the author’s name is too small and hardly visible. I suggest the author make her name larger on the cover. And that’s my only critique. Shout your name out, Jolie! You’re a talented writer.

I downloaded this book via Kindle Unlimited, but this book is FREE to everyone until midnight tonight! Get your copy while you can!


Jolie Tunnell brings the past to life in a historical mystery series with a voice all her own. Author, freelance writer, blogger, and professional mom, she lives in Southern California with her hubby, five kids, and a pear-shaped cat. Minus the murders, Idyllwild has been her summer retreat for years.

Cozy up with a cuppa and enjoy her mountaintop mysteries with a feisty small-town community, hidden villains, and the unsinkable Loveda Brown. She offers readers a historical whodunnit with the flavor of turn-of-the-century Wild West.

Visit her website to find her blog, newsletter, sales calendar, and upcoming new releases!

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  1. Thank you for tooting my horn, Bonnie! How fun is this? I’ve been working with so many words that my name got shuffled aside. It’ll have to do for now! I am delighted that you enjoyed Loveda’s world and am off to write the next in her series. Stay tuned.

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