#Blog Tour: The Spinster’s Fortune


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Publication Date: April 6, 2021
Darkstroke Books
Paperback & eBook; 227 pages

Genre: Historical Mystery

Moonlit alleys, shadowy tunnels, and buried secrets…

Summer of 1929.

Of supposed unsound mind without a penny to her name, Blanche Magruder lies alone in a home for the aged and infirm.

Meanwhile, her house, a crumbled ruin in the heart of Georgetown, Washington, D.C., is pillaged nightly by thieves looking for treasure rumored to be hidden there.

A distant niece, Margaret O’Keefe, is tapped as executor and soon becomes embroiled in the hunt for recovering monies, taking it on as a welcome escape from her financial and marital woes.

As Margaret discovers caches in unlikely spots throughout the house, family mysteries begin to unravel. She questions whether Aunt Blanche is an insane fool or a daring genius, yet Margaret must also wrangle with her own hidden truths.

Pressed towards a convergence of their pasts and presents, the two women must ultimately face down a fateful discovery in order to rectify their lives.

Shrouded in gothic undertones and dark artifice, THE SPINSTER’S FORTUNE is a tale that takes the reader on a strange journey through tangled webs of family deceit. But where does it end?



Mary Kendall

Mary Kendall lived in old (and haunted) houses growing up which sparked a life-long interest in history and story-telling. She earned degrees in history related fields and worked as an historian for many years. Her fiction writing is heavily influenced by the past which she believes is never really dead and buried.

Fueled by black coffee and a possible sprinkling of Celtic fairy dust, she tends to find inspiration in odd places and sometimes while kneading bread dough.

The author currently resides in Maryland with her family (husband, three kids, barn cat and the occasional backyard hen) who put up with her mad scribbling at inconvenient hours.

THE SPINSTER’S FORTUNE , a mystery set in Georgetown, Washington DC, is her debut novel and is a twisty, tangled dive into a web of family deception murky with gothic undertone


This is an intriguing historical mystery set in 1929 in Washington D.C. It is loosely based on the story of the real Blanche Magruder, who actually hid treasure in her house for her relatives to find. Although it is set in 1929, through Blanche we are transported to the Civil War era and other events during her life. Each character is fascinating in his or her own way, but none more so than the spinster sisters, Emily and Blanche. Margaret’s story, including the treasure hunt, her shaky marriage, and her growth as a person, is in itself a captivating tale. The attempts of others to benefit off of the carefully hidden treasure is interesting to watch. This story has it all–a hidden treasure, well written characters, intrigue, lies, and a shocking surprise. This book is so well done that I was surprised it is Mary Kendall’s debut novel. I can’t wait to read her next one. I received a free copy of this book through Hall of Fame Virtual Book Tours. My opinions are my own.


*Kindle Unlimited Subscribers can read it for free, or it’s only $3.99 to buy.

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