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* Grab a book, any book.

*Turn to Page 56 or 56% on your e-reader.
If you have to improvise, that is okay.

*Find a snippet, short and sweet, and post it.

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This is the first book of my favorite time travel series about a group of madcap, time-traveling historians. Madeline Maxwell is a trainee in book one and on Page 56 has just completed her first time jump, which is actually a test to see what she does when the system shuts down and she appears to be stranded.

“This is fantastic tea.”

“How long ago did you run out?”

‘Two long days ago.”

“We were spot on then. We have to try and gauge it so you’re close to running out of supplies but haven’t yet struck out across country to search for help. When were you planning to go?”

“I wasn’t. I knew you wouldn’t let me starve.”

“No one likes a smart arse.”

“Does this mean I’ve failed?”

“No, Miss Maxwell, it means you’re top of the class.”

Yes! My future stretched happily in front of me; back to the past.”

If you click on the cover above, you can learn more about the book.

The Nothing Girl

Jenny, orphaned as a young girl, goes to live with her aunt and uncle. She has a pronounced stutter and is set aside as an afterthought by the family. While contemplating suicide at a young age, she is suddenly visited by a giant golden horse, and here Jenny’s life actually begins.

This is so well written. The characters just jump off the page, especially Jenny, Russell, and Thomas. Jenny, ignored all her life, begins helping Russell, who has been jilted by the love of his life, renovate his farmhouse. Nudged along by her faithful companion Thomas, the giant golden horse, Jenny begins to live again. There is a wonderful cast of characters, and of course there are pitfalls along the way, and the brilliant Jodi Taylor once again makes us laugh and cry as we cheer Jenny on.

I recommend this for anyone who enjoys a magical, heartwarming story.

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