Indie Spotlight: The Rebel and the Princess #IndieAuthors #DemiDMiato

Indie Spotlight is my effort to help get the word out about Indie books. Below you can learn more about The Rebel and the Princess by Demi D. Miato.


Jack was a man who had it all: a comfortable life, a loving family, and a promising future.

Until one day, the Royal family took it all away.

But they didn’t just take everything away, they did it in a way so cruel and sickening that it completely broke him. All that was left of a once vibrant and cheerful man was a hollow shell, a walking dead with nothing but a seething anger and an unyielding desire for revenge keeping him on his feet.

But fate works in a funny way. Never in his wildest dreams would Jack have guessed that the greatest ally in his seek of revenge against the ruling family would be none other than their very own princess.

These two natural enemies form an unusual bond, united by their shared anguish and determination to fight back against the oppressive rule of the crown. They must work together, putting their differences aside and learning to trust each other, to save the kingdom from the tyranny that plagues it.

“The Rebel and the Princess” is a thrilling story of two broken individuals from opposite sides of the political spectrum who band together in their quest for justice. In a world filled with corruption and brutality, they find solace in each other and discover that hope for a better tomorrow can still exist in even the darkest of times.


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