Indie Spotlight: Antigone by Rhea Karvanis #fantasy #timetravel

Indie Spotlight is my effort to help spread the word about Indie books. Check out the book description and buy links for this time travel fantasy below.


Antigone is a historical fantasy novel that reimagines the legends of Greek mythology within the fall of one of the world’s greatest and earliest empires. It is a tale of adventure, love, and heartbreak. This is a story of estranged twins who travel back in time to unearth the dark secrets of their family’s past.

In the darkest hour of night, Ann is beckoned by a voice. Antigone, it calls to her. Haunted by this name that she has not heard since she was almost too young to remember, Ann travels to Greece. She is searching for a brother who disappeared from her life years earlier.

As children, Ann and Nik were everything to each other. They had to be. Yet when Ann tracks her twin down on the island of Crete, he will barely meet her eyes. He offers her a single day: one afternoon of sightseeing in an ancient labyrinth – whose stones whisper to Ann of a past left unburied.

In this reimagining of Greek myth, we are brought back to a world of gods and kings, heroes and sacrifice. A lost world of legend, balanced on the edge of a knife. For it is here, in the shadows of this living maze, that the twins’ fate is woven into a civilization on the brink of extinction.

Antigone will be released April 10, 2023.


R. X. Karvanis is a Greek Canadian whose ancestors drove caravans on the slopes of Mount Olympus. A graduate of U of T Law, with an honours degree in English Literature and Classic Civilizations, she abandoned a professional career to pursue her dream: combining her love of magic, Greek myth and story-telling. She is a first-time novelist.



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