Sunday Post: Flattened by the Flu

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted here @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog and showcase books and things we have received. Share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. See rules here: Sunday Post

My week started out really great last Sunday with this cool helicopter flyover at the Bengals game. Then we beat the Chiefs!

On Monday I returned home and by Tuesday I was having flu symptoms. Unfortunately my husband got it too and we were both pretty much out of commission after that. We both had to go to Urgent Care. I started feeling a tiny bit human again on Friday. The Tammiflu they gave us works pretty well, I must say. Sadly I will have to miss the Bengals/Browns game today. I’m not well enough to travel to Cincinnati. I’m behind on all my reviews as well.


Because of the flu, I couldn’t post much.

Monday I reviewed The Blackout Book Club by Amy Lynn Green

Friday I participated in Book Blogger Hop.


I hope to get to the following reviews:


I was approved for the audiobook of Twice in a Lifetime by Melissa Baron. It is about a woman who receives a message from her husband, or the man who will be her husband, sent from three years in the future. It kind of reminds me of that Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock movie, The Lake House.

I accepted a widget of Courtiers because I find royal family history fascinating, and the Courtiers are supposed to be the power behind the throne. So far it’s pretty good.


Yesterday we felt up to a movie and we found a great one! Mrs. Harris goes to Paris.

It’s about a British housekeeper in the mid 1950s who decides that her life would be so much better if she could get a Dior gown. So good. And apparently there’s a book series.

I’ll try to get back to full speed soon. That flu literally kicked my butt.

Have a great week everyone!

24 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Flattened by the Flu”

  1. The title of your post broke my heart. It must have been a bad flu – I’m thinking it takes a whole lot to keep you down. Feel better and beat the Browns (we’ve got the Jets)!!


  2. Hi Bonnie. Tim Dittmer tweeted your post on Twitter, and I saw you had the flu. Ugh! I feel for you. My Ohio crud took almost a full three weeks before I was symptom free. I hope you and your husband are feeling better now.

    I went to our local pub today to watch the Browns/Bengals game. More Ugh! That was not fun for a Browns fan. Very few cheers for us throughout the entire game. Hope it cheered you up. 🙂

    Have a good week!

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  3. I’m sorry you were so sick. I hope you both are feeling much better now. We watched the Bengals game last week, and it looks like they did pretty well today as well.

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  4. Funny that the last blog I went to before this was sad that their KC Chiefs team lost and I came here and you’re happy your team won. Lol. That’s the nature of sports! I’m sorry to hear you got the flu. I hope you all feel better soon.


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