Top Ten Tuesday: Top Five Cozy Reads

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together. Each week a new theme is suggested for bloggers to participate in. Create your own Top Ten list that fits that topic – putting your unique spin on it if you want. Everyone is welcome to join but please link back to The Artsy Reader Girl in your own Top Ten Tuesday post.

This week’s top ten Tuesday is top ten cozy reads, changed to Top Five Cozy Reads for me because I ran out of time. Cozy books are books that have a comforting vibe. Even the cozy murder mysteries are not too dark and there are lots of fun moments. Cozies are often set in small towns with a quirky cast of characters, but sometimes they are set in certain niches of big cities. Most are part of a series. The bottom line for cozies is comfort. Here’s my list of top ten cozy reads.

1. The Jax Diamond Mystery Series by Gail Meath.

This cozy mystery series is not set in a small town. It is based in 1920s New York City. But the main character, Jax Diamond, is a former police officer turned detective and his girlfriend Laura is a Broadway actress/singer. Broadway can be a niche of its own where everyone knows each other and quirky characters abound. Jax also has an acquaintance who dabbles in organized crime, a definite niche. The comfort comes from Jax’s relationship with his German Shepherd sidekick, Ace, who often steals the show.

2. The Murder of Mr. Wickham

Set in an 1820s British country estate, this is an Agatha-Christie-inspired, closed-house cozy mystery with a Jane Austen twist! The cast is comprised of all Jane Austen characters and their children, which is a definite niche. The comfort also comes from having all of your favorite Austen characters in one book!

3. Death of a Showman by Mariah Fredricks

This is another cozy mystery set in New York City, this time in 1914. Jane Prescott is a lady’s maid to Louise Tyler, and the niche comes in the upstairs/downstairs culture that existed back then. Jane and Louise also spend some time on Broadway in this one. The comfort comes from the humor that is scattered throughout the book.

4. The Baked Bean Supper Murders by Virginia Rich.

Virginia Rich wrote three food-related cozy mysteries in the 1980s before she died. They are centered around a retired widow, Eugenia Potter, who splits time between her ranch in Arizona and her cottage in Maine. The niche is definitely in the settings, and the comfort comes from the food and the recipes! Rich’s books are the first food-centered murder mysteries I ever read.

5. On What Grounds by Cleo Coyle

Cleo Coyle’s popular coffee house cozy mysteries have reached 19 books! The niche is in the coffeehouse setting, their customers, and their neighbors. The comfort comes from the coffee of course!

What cozy books have you enjoyed?

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  1. The Murder of Mr. Wickham caught my attention, as I love Pride and Prejudice (in fact, I have that on my list today) and everything remotely related to it! 🙂

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