#SundayPost: Football, Noah’s Ark, and Tomatoes

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I missed last week’s Sunday Post, so here’s a recap of the last two weeks. I missed the post because I was back in Cincinnati going to a Bengals game. The day before that, my friend Lyric and I went to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter in Kentucky.

This is the Ark Encounter. The ark is built to the specifications in the Bible, and it’s massive. It’s completely full of exhibits inside of animal pens, food storage, and work rooms. It’s really cool, and I enjoyed it a lot.

The Bengals game was fun as always, especially since we won again. Now I’m back to working and blogging.

On the trips to and from Ohio/Kentucky I was able to get a lot of audiobook listening done.

This past week was about catching up, reading, and writing reviews. I’ve let my Goodreads and Instagram fall behind too, so I’ve been trying to catch those up. On Saturday I got some more of my garden tomatoes out of the freezer to thaw so I can get them canned today. Canning will commence soon.


Monday I did two blog tours: Victoria and Violet and Side Launch

Tuesday I participated in Book Blogger Hop

Wednesday I reviewed The Secret Benefits of Invisibility by C.W. Allen

Thursday I reviewed The High Notes by Danielle Steel

Saturday I reviewed The Girl Who Feared Trains for Indie Weekend.


On Tuesday I will participate in Top Ten Tuesday.

Also on Tuesday I will share some of the reviews I did for the November issue of Historical Novels Review, the magazine of the Historical Novel Society.

On Wednesday I will review Godmersham Park for Austenprose PR.

On Friday I will participate in Book Blogger Hop

I will review Indie books for Indie Weekend


When Serin discovers a hidden family manuscript, she has no idea what she has set in motion. The old pages reveal the bewildering tale of an ordinary Victorian girl, Wren, who is given an enchanting pendant that changes her life.

Serin reads all night, compelled to discover the fate of her ancestor. Will Wren fulfil her destiny to protect the cursed London Stone, like the witches before her? Or will the relentless raven man be her downfall? Will she lose everyone she ever loved? Will she lose herself?

As Serin reads Wren’s tale, strange things start to happen, and she begins to believe she may have unleashed dormant dark magic upon herself.

This is a gothic tale of magic and myth, family secrets, love and revenge. It is a tale of the extraordinary, hidden beneath ordinary Victorian lives.

If you ever lost a sock, you’ll find it here.
If you ever wondered about your favorite toy from childhood… it’s probably sitting on a shelf in the back.
And the headphones that you swore this time you’d keep safe? You guessed it….

Antoinette has lost her father. Metaphorically. He’s not in the shop, and she’ll never see him again. But when Antsy finds herself lost (literally, this time), she discovers that however many doors open for her, leaving the Shop for good might not be as simple as it sounds.

And stepping through those doors exacts a price.

Lost in the Moment and Found tells us that childhood and innocence, once lost, can never be found.

Two women–bound by blood, torn apart by circumstance–find together that true strength comes in many forms.

In 1911, Mabel MacGinnis is Europe’s strongest woman and has performed beside her father in the Manzo Brothers Circus her entire life. When he dies unexpectedly, she loses everything she’s ever known and sets off in the company of acrobat Jake Cunningham in hope of finding the mother she thought was dead.

Isabella Moreau, America’s most feted aerialist, has given everything to the circus. But age and injury now threaten her security, and Isabella, stalked by old fears, makes a choice that risks everything. Then her daughter Mabel appears alongside the man who never wanted to see Isabella again, and she is forced to face the truth of where, and from what, she derives her worth.

As Mabel and Isabella’s lives become entangled beneath the glittering lights and flying trapeze of Madison Square Garden, their resiliency and resolve are tested as they learn the truth of what it means to be strong.

31 thoughts on “#SundayPost: Football, Noah’s Ark, and Tomatoes”

  1. Wow! I had no idea there was an exhibit on Noah’s Ark and certainly not like the one we see in your picture. What an amazing sight, imagine visiting it and all the compartments inside. Simply wow! Got to go one day.

    You have a great lineup of books, looking forward to your reviews. Happy Sunday Bonnie! And congrats that your team won the game, that is always more fun. ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I started it as Self-Published Saturday on this blog, reviewing only self-published books on Saturday. I have changed it to Indie Weekend, with the same idea. I try to highlight or review self-published/Indie books.


  2. That ark does look massive. I think it would be interesting to go just to feel the sheer size of it. I’m glad you had a good week. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


  3. Sounds like a great trip… even better with the Bengals win. 🙂 My Jags went all the way to London to lose their latest game. lol They just can’t seem to get it together. Hope you have a great week! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I really felt bad for Trevor Lawrence that game. They should give Kendrick Pryor a try. He’s one of your backup receivers that they picked up from the Bengals this year. He was lighting up the preseason for the Bengals.


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