New Look for Self-Published Saturday #Indie Weekend

Hi everyone. I am reimagining the Self-Published Saturday feature. It is not going away by any means, but it’s getting a new name: Indie Weekend! As always, I will highlight, promote, and review Self-Published/Indie books, but the name is more inclusive, and the posts will not just be on Saturday. They will be posted anywhere from Friday to Sunday. That frees up my schedule a bit. The Self-Published Spotlight, which does not include a review, will now be called Indie Spotlight, and can still go up any day of the week.

Please let me know below what you think of the change.

25 thoughts on “New Look for Self-Published Saturday #Indie Weekend”

  1. This sounds like great fun, Bonnie, and a wonderful way for me to find quality indie books – my reading preference. Thanks so much for picking up and reviewing indie reads. It’s a wonderful gift to authors who don’t have powerhouse publishers to promote their books. Wishing you many hours of reading enjoyment. 😀

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