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As bloggers, we get a lot of books. Many of them are ebooks, and if I find one that I truly love, I might buy the hard copy or the audiobook. Below is a list of 12 of those, as I could not stop at ten. They are in no particular order.

I loved the ebook version so much that I decided to buy the audiobook.

This is my favorite book of all time, and I have it in ebook on both Kindle and Apple Books, and two or three copies in paperback. I also purchased the audiobook. This is an older book and longtime favorite, so it was never received for free, but I felt it worth mentioning because I maintain so many extra copies of it to make sure I always have one.

The Chronicles of St. Mary’s. My favorite time travel series by the amazing writer Jodi Taylor. Above is the first book. Click on the cover to see all the books. I have this in ebook, hardcover, paperback, and audible. I re-read/listen to it often. That’s how much I love it.

I received a temporary digital copy of this cookbook by the Great British Baking Show star and King of Bread Paul Hollywood and had to buy the hard copy for my kitchen.

I am fortunate to have edited this book and I love it. It’s an Indie book that has done very well and has received 351 reviews on Amazon so far with a 4.5 star rating. It recently won a Reader’s Favorite Silver Medallion. I have this on ebook and I cherish the signed print copy I received from the author Gail Meath. It is the first book in the Jax Diamond cozy mystery series set in 1920s New York City. The second book, Framed, is also out, and the third book, Deuce, will be out September 20th.

This is a wonderful Christian poetry book by Louise Belanger. She has two out right now: Your Words and Your Words, Your World. The third in the series, Your Words, Your Heart, will be available for preorder soon. Your Words, Your World was recently awarded a Gold Medallion by Reader’s Favorite. I have it in ebook and a much-loved signed paperback.

I was so impressed by this space adventure penned by young Indie author Ian Wall that I had to purchase the ebook even though I already had a free copy for review.

Adria Carmichael’s Juche series, a young adult dystopian series set in a concentration camp in North Korea, is both action-packed and heartbreaking. Although I receive free review copies, I always buy the books too because I am so impressed with this series and this author.

This was one I received in ebook from The Historical Novel Society for review, and then I bought the audiobook because I enjoyed it so much. It’s WWII historical fiction about a prisoner of war camp that was actually located in the United States.

This Indie thriller by Tim Dittmer about Hmong mysticism, the Vietnam War, and so much more was so fascinating that I had to buy the ebook even though I read it for free.

Also set during the Vietnam War, this is a fascinating and meticulously researched Indie novel written from the perspective of a South Vietnamese soldier. I read it on Kindle Unlimited but also purchased it as an ebook and also received a signed print copy from the author.

I purchased this book outright and was introduced to the wonderful writing of Liz Gauffreau. Check this book out by clicking on the cover.

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      1. I’ve been so busy that I still haven’t. I thought my daughter was going to for my husband’s bday and that didn’t happen. I know during the holidays we will without a doubt though.


  1. Hi there Bonnie! I NEED to finish Chronicles of St Mary’s. I’ve read and loved Just One Damn thing after another and can’t give any clear reason why I haven’t read the rest of the series yet.

    You have me interested in Songbird now. I am going to take a look.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday Bonnie!

    Elza Reads

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