Sunday Post: Productive Week

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This has been a busy week here at our house. I was swamped at work, so I didn’t get to do as much posting as usual. The new diet is going really well. I lost 5 pounds the first week, and I weigh in for the second time tomorrow. The prediabetes drug that I’m on, Metformin, has almost erased my appetite, which is amazing. I found a Facebook group that actually uses Metformin for weight loss.

I have to brag on my husband a little. This week he’s been painting his car! He was getting ready for a car show, but didn’t quite make it. However, the car is looking wonderful. A few weeks ago, he painted my 1999 Subaru. I am determined to use that little car a lot due to the high gas prices, and he made it look great.

That’s my little Subaru above. We call her Hazel. He did a great job! I’ll post pictures of my husband’s car after he gets finished. It’s a Dodge Magnum.

Last Week on Bonnie Reads and Writes

On Tuesday I reviewed Surviving the Wilderness by Maggie K. Black.

On Thursday I reviewed The Eleventh Commandment by Mary F. Burns.

And on Self-Published Saturday I put up a Review and a Spotlight.

I reviewed The Scarlet Forest by A.E. Chandler and I put up a Spotlight of Before by J. Kilburn.

Next Week on Bonnie Reads and Writes

I am currently finishing up eight reviews for the August edition of Historical Novels Review, the magazine of The Historical Novel Society. That is going to keep me busy until my deadline on the 15th.

However, on Monday I will be posting a review I did for the May edition. It is The Lives of Diamond Bessie by Jody Hadlock.

On Tuesday I will try to join Top Ten Tuesday if time permits.

On Wednesday I will post spotlights of some of the books I’ve read this time for HNS.

And on Self-Published Saturday I will review Death at Dusbar College, an indie, middle-grade fantasy/mystery set at a magical college.

Saturday is also open for Spotlights if anyone wants to submit one.


The Beach Trap was an approved request on Netgalley. It appears to be a different take on “The Parent Trap,” and I loved both versions of that movie.

Morganthau was a Netgalley widget sent from Random House. This is about an influential American family, and I had never heard of them, so I had to check it out.

Dark Blue Waves will be part of a Book Tour from HFVBT Tours. This one combines Jane Austen and time travel. What’s not to love?

Have a great week, everyone!

28 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Productive Week”

  1. Great book haul this week and I love the color of your car. It looks like Jaguar green from the picture, which is my favorite 😍. What color is it? Your husband did an amazing job. Have a wonderful week!

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  2. I’m glad your new diet is going well. I was on Metformin for a while, not for Pre-diabetes, but because I have PCOS. Metformin nearly killed me. I was only it for three months, but my body wouldn’t adapt to it and it just made me sick in every sense of the word. I hope you continue to do well on it.

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  3. Wow the car looks nice! He did a great job. And glad to hear Metformin is working for you so far. My doctor wants me to go on that too since I’m apparently prediabetic now *sigh*

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  4. Absolutely love your site as I love anything to do with books 🙂 Btw, my blog is for anyone who loves writing, books, and all the arts. If you think it might be fun or helpful to have my followers (who total about 10k across my various social media) meet you, here’s the link for general guidelines:

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  5. I love your car!! What a wonderful paint job. I’ve owned 3 Subaru’s in my life and they all have been wonderful cars. Nice book haul too. I recently finished The Beach Trap and it was better than I expected. Hope you enjoy all your books.

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  6. Your car looks stunning – what a great job your husband made of it. I did have to smile at you calling it a small car, I drive a Skoda Citigo which makes your Subaru look huge 😂. The Beach Trap sounds great – I hope you enjoy it.


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