Self-Published Saturday: A Class Coveted by Susie Murphy

Self-Published Saturday is my effort to help Self-Published/Indie authors with marketing. These authors have to do it all, from cover design to editing to marketing. If I can help even a little bit with marketing, I’m happy to do it. This week’s feature is A Class Coveted by Susie Murphy, the fourth book in the A Matter of Class series.


It’s 1836, and Bridget and Cormac have arrived, full of hope, to the city of Boston with their growing family. However, as they adjust to domestic life together for the first time, they face anti-Irish sentiment from the local Americans, as well as a threat to their happiness from a much closer source.

Cormac undertakes the challenging search for his missing sister, Bronagh. He is determined to do all he can to put the broken pieces of his family back together, but the appalling truth he uncovers will shake him to his core.

Meanwhile, as Emily grows up in this new country, she realises how her parents’ past actions will affect her entire future and she begins to covet that which is no longer within her reach. When she receives an unexpected proposition, will she be able to resist its temptation, despite the untrustworthy nature of the person behind it?

A Class Coveted is the fourth book in Susie Murphy’s historical fiction series A Matter of Class. The story will continue in the fifth book, A Class Reunited.


A Class Coveted is the fourth book in the A Matter of Class series. I would recommend reading the books in order. Book One begins in Ireland with Cormac as a stablehand and Bridget as an heiress to a great estate, and their story continues to develop and progress throughout this saga. In this installment, Bridget, Cormac, their daughter Emily, and Cormac’s sister Orlaith have come to America searching for Cormac’s sister Bronagh. Upon arrival in Boston, they are shocked at the discrimination and outright shunning of the Irish people, who were often denied jobs and lodging just for being from Ireland. As they struggle to survive with dwindling funds, they continue their search for Bronagh. Orlaith also begins to try and make her own living as a midwife.

This is another captivating novel in this series and a fascinating look at Boston in 1836. The characters and their story still grab my attention four books in. We also learn more about Orlaith than we have before, and we watch the coming of age of Emily, who becomes a main character by the end of the book. Ultimately the story ends on a cliffhanger and several plotlines are still open, but the author promises us Book five in a note at the end. These are characters the reader will enjoy getting to know, and the author is great at creating captivating plotlines. Fans of historical romantic adventures will enjoy this one.


Susie Murphy is an Irish historical fiction author. She loves historical fiction so much that she often wishes she had been born two hundred years ago. Still, she remains grateful for many aspects of the modern age, including women’s suffrage, electric showers and pizza. Susie has published four novels in her A Matter of Class series, a sweeping romance saga which begins in Ireland in 1828.

To find out more, visit, where you can join the Susie Murphy Readers’ Club and receive a collection of six free short stories which tie in with A Matter of Class.



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