Blog Tour and Book Review: Entitled by Gill Merton


In 1971, Nan Douglas and her toddler twins arrive on the remote island of Inniscuiilin, long-lost family of the eccentric Miss Campbell. For fifteen years they all live quietly up at the Big House, until the twins start planning their future – forcing Nan to confront their past…

Because someone, somewhere believes that the twins aren’t twins. That they’re not even Nan’s children. And that Nan isn’t Nan.

Only Nan herself can prove them wrong – but it’s a gamble. Win or lose, she’s still at risk of losing her beloved family.


This can be described as a mild psychological thriller, and if there were a genre called psychological cozy, I’d put it under there, although that might sound absurd. This novel is both enraging and engaging. It’s about what happens when the extremely privileged few rear their ugly heads and once again take and use whatever and whoever is not theirs to take or use. However, it’s also about a small island town and its inhabitants. It’s a story about a woman whose life and plans are turned upside down, and what she does afterward. I enjoyed the Island of Inniscuiillan and its residents as well. I was enraged at the behavior of some who think their wants and needs surpass those of others. It raises the questions: “Is revenge ever warranted?” and “How far is too far?”

Recommended for fans of thrillers and cozies, as this is somewhere in the middle.

4.5 stars. Rounded up to 5 on sites with no half-star option.


Gill Merton is the non de plume of five writers based around Edinburgh and the Lothians: Simon Bramwell, Coreen Connell, Sheila Corrigan, Anne Hamilton, and Elizabeth Nallon.

Entitled is their first collaborative novel, adapted from an original short story by Sheila Corrigan, and was made possible by funding from The National Lottery Awards For All.

Earlier publications include: The Writing Group:  an original stage/radio play (First recorded 2017)and A Way With Words: an anthology of prose and poetry (Pilrig Press, 2015)

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