Free Book Friday Feb 25: In Conversation with Daniel Gibbs

Author Leon Stevens interviews Author Daniel Gibbs. At the end of the interview, there is an opportunity to pick up two free books if you sign up for Daniel Gibbs’ newsletter and also an opportunity to review a free audiobook!

Lines by Leon

Daniel Gibbs is a recovering computer engineer that spent fifteen years supporting various US Navy and Marine Corps information technology programs, worldwide. His love of sci-fi and military fiction sparked an overactive imagination and fueled a growing ambition to bring his unique vision of the future to readers.

In Conversation With: Daniel Gibbs

Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with author, Daniel Gibbs. Thanks for entertaining us with a visit. Can I offer you anything to drink?

Bring on the coffee, well, maybe decaf. I’ve already had two cups today. You don’t want me spinning out of here like a top.

Let’s go way back. What was the spark that ignited your writing?

I actually came up with the storyline behind the Terran Diaspora universe (in which all of my novels inhabit) when I was thirteen or fourteen. In my old age, I’m getting a bit hazy on…

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