Another Anniversary of Sorts #DVT #BloodClot

My husband reminded me today that this is another anniversary for me, both unpleasant and pleasant in a way. Four years ago on this day I went to the emergency room because my left leg had basically stopped working. It felt like a block of wood that I was dragging around with me. When it swelled up and turned purple, we headed to the emergency room.

What I found out then was that I had a massive blood clot, from abdomen to toes, and just barely a pulse in my foot. I was diagnosed with acute DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). I was very blessed that the clot did not break off and go to my lungs. I was admitted to the hospital and put on blood thinners. I went to an interventional radiologist the next day, and they were able to remove most of the clot with a catheter. Afterwards, I was in extreme pain and still did not have much use of my leg. It would take three weeks for me to walk again and five weeks before I could go back to work from home. It was almost two months before I could drive again.

My husband did everything for me after I got back home from the hospital. He rearranged the furniture for a wheelchair, helped me to the bathroom and in and out of the tub, and put on the compression socks I had to wear because I could not bend my leg! This was in addition to waiting on me hand and foot! I am very blessed to have him.

There’s my Doug.

The good news, and the pleasant part, is that I have not had another clot in four years.

What caused my DVT was twofold. I had just gotten back from a long work trip in the car where I had to drive 8 hours each way, and I spent a lot of time during that trip sitting at a desk, which wasn’t normal for me. All that sedentary time helped cause the blood clot. The other cause I found out after genetic testing done by my hematologist. I have Factor 2 prothrombin, a genetic mutation which makes my blood clot more than normal. So those two things working together caused my blood clot.

Now when I have to take a long trip, I stop and walk around. I took a flight to Japan 8 months after I had that blood clot and I was fine, as I got up and walked around at least every two hours. I would advise everyone to do that on long trips, whether you’ve had problems with blood clots or not.

So here I am four years later. I am still supposed to wear compression socks daily, and if I don’t the leg will swell up again. It’s something I don’t like, but if I don’t do it, I pay the price. I definitely don’t wear them as much as I should.

My summer look. Compression sock on the left.

So that’s my “Clotiversary” story. I’m blessed to have never had another one.

28 thoughts on “Another Anniversary of Sorts #DVT #BloodClot”

    1. I actually had to get measured for them and have a tech teach me how to do it. My husband did it for me at first. You have to put on plastic gloves sometimes to get a grip on them. Now that I’ve worn them a while I can just put them on.


  1. Im not sure I should “like” this. Im glad you are okay and it is my pleasure to assist you in any way that I can. Your clot gave us both a lot of valuable insight into what it will take to grow old together. Including wider doorways and grab handles everywhere!

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  2. I just passed my four year blood clot anniversary (I went to the hospital on NYE day). Mine was from shoulder to wrist on my right arm and I had to large ones in my lungs that didn’t come from the one in my arm. They have no idea what caused any of them, though, for me. It was such a scary time as I’m sure it was for you too. Congrats on 4 years clot free. 🤗❤️🤗

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      1. I did but I don’t need to now. I don’t have the problem of swelling like you do. I did have to do PT for my arm though because after the clot, it hurt every time I tried to lift it. PT worked wonders, fortunately.


  3. Bonnie, I was so sorry to read this. I’m so very glad you recovered, and that episode is in your past. How scary. And what a great husband you have!!!

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  4. What a scary episode and a long recovery. Thank you for sharing, it can help someone else and also, beautiful testimony of love in action from your husband. He is a gem (just like you). 💞 Fantastic anniversary and may it remains at bay for many years to come.

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