Self-Published Saturday: I Am Jess

Self-Published Saturday is my effort to help Independent/Self-Published authors promote their books. Self-Published authors have to do it all, from editing to cover design to marketing, and if I can help even a little bit with the marketing side of things I’m happy to do it. I also ask you all to help out too by sharing these posts on social media. This next review is a heartbreaking but honest memoir by Jess Fahl that tells the truth about her abusive marriage and how she finally escaped it.


I AM JESS By Jessica Fahl

“I kept all of our secrets, avoiding people and situations where I might have to explain his behavior; I just didn’t realize I had done it. I had completely isolated myself and allowed him to create my reality. The embarrassment and shame were too much, but somehow, those feelings went away easily if I didn’t acknowledge them out loud. They could be washed away as if he didn’t really mean it that way or that I was reading too much into things, as he often told me.

I Am Jess is my story about falling in love with a man I thought loved me, only to find out I’d been emotionally manipulated for years. It’s about realizing afterward that I’d been completely isolated from the truth, not knowing what it meant to be loved. Once the fog began to clear, I found happiness in myself and had a life I was proud to call my own.”


This is a powerful memoir from Jessica Fahl that will break your heart. Jess is bluntly honest about her first marriage and the mental and emotional abuse that she endured. She reminds us that that are people who will break others down, hurt them continually, and at the same time convince them it is all their own fault. She outlines a marriage that was never a true union of two people in love, and tells us how, over many years, she finally began to realize that.

This realization and the way she broke free of her former husband’s verbal abuse, infidelity, and gaslighting behavior create an important story that will help many others out there. It is written in an honest and straightforward way, and no hurts or betrayals are left hidden. I would recommend I Am Jess to everyone, because even if you haven’t been in an abusive relationship, you probably know someone who has, and they might benefit from this book.

I downloaded this book on Kindle Unlimited, where subscribers can read it for free.




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  1. Wonderful review Bonnie. Emotional abuse is such a spiral, and a tough situation to get out of. I hope this book inspires someone to get out of such a relationship.

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