Blog Tour and Book Review: Marble’s Marvels


Famed Hampshire restaurant, Marble’s Marvels, is struggling. Poor food, few customers. And competing with the Italian restaurant across the road is not helping either.

Kate and Aiden Marble are out of ideas. Aiden is still struggling to cope after a tragic accident split their village in half two years ago. Kate tries to hold everything together, knowing that unless things change soon, they will lose the restaurant.

Out of the blue, a chef turns up and offers to cook them the best food they’ve ever tasted, in exchange for a job as sous chef. It seems like the fortunes of the restaurant are turning around. But is it a coincidence, or is there something magical about the new, mysterious chef?


This story begins with a town in pain. years ago, Kate and Aiden Marble lost their son in a tragic car accident. Aiden blames the driver of the other car due to drunk driving. The other driver is also deceased, and Aiden is feuding with the boy’s father. Now the town is split apart and Aiden is in such despair. He can barely cook and is losing his restaurant. Then a mysterious visitor, a chef, shows up at the Marble’s restaurant and applies for a job.

Having a bad day? Need to relax with a heartwarming read? This is the one! The characters are so well written, especially the Chef. The story is completely captivating, as your heart will break for this town and these families in trouble, but cheer on the Chef and others who are trying to help. This is about the angels who aid us when we are down, whether those angels come from Heaven or live right down the street. It is also about the humility that is needed for reconciliation and the joy that comes with forgiveness. I recommend this book to all readers, because it will bring a smile to anyone’s face.


Duncan Brockwell writing as Katie Simpkins

Katie Simpkins is the pseudonym for crime and psychological thriller writer, Duncan Brockwell. Katie’s first publication, The Southern Belles was released in July 2019 to positive praise from readers.

Duncan then signed a 3 book contract with digital first publisher, Bloodhound Books for his thriller series, The Met Murder Investigations, starring Nasreen Maqsood. No Way Out, Bird of Prey and Bad Blood were published in July, September and November 2020.

In January 2021, Bloodhound released Mr Invisible, Duncan’s first standalone psychological thriller.

His second Katie Simpkins novel, Marble’s Marvels was published on March 19th under Fusion Press.

In April 2021, Bloodhound Books released his latest novel with them, The Hard Way.

Duncan has several projects coming up, 2 with new publisher, Spellbound Books. They are Oakwood Falls, a supernatural fantasy novel and Hellingly, a hardcore horror set in an abandoned mental asylum.

He is now writing a horror novel called The Notorious Six, a throwback to 80s horror movies such as A Nightmare on Elm Street. After that, he plans on finishing a couple of projects he started, most notably, Trailblazer, an action comedy about an aging country singer who is trying to get to know his estranged daughter while on tour and being chased by the mob, the FBI and a particularly crazy sheriff.

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