Last Week of the Year! Hope You Had a Merry Christmas. #Poetry #Dogs

Merry Christmas from Harold, Holly, and Hermann! Here’s a little poem. I don’t know how to describe it, but maybe rhyming free verse? For my next few posts after this one, I’ll sharing books our readers have nominated as their favorites of the year.

After Christmas

The presents have been given
The food is put away
Time to sit back and celebrate the day

The week to come
Will end the year for all
A season over, a new year calls

Our hearts are open
And God will hear
Our precious prayers for the coming year

Thanks so much everyone, for reading my blog, and for your friendship and support. This year has been a blast.

14 thoughts on “Last Week of the Year! Hope You Had a Merry Christmas. #Poetry #Dogs”

  1. Oh, Bonnie, your pups are absolute treasures, all 3 of them!!! How sweet! And like Darlene said, how the heck did you get them to pose so nicely???!!! I love the poem, too. Happy Holidays to you and all your family and friends:)

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    1. Thank you so much, my friend! Thanks for making me an editor of fiction this year! And especially for your friendship.

      I will have to ask Doug how he got all three pups to sit still and look at the camera. There may have been treats involved.


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