Self-Published Saturday: Sincere Thoughts by Karen A. White

Self-Published Saturday is my effort to help Indie/Self-Published authors with the daunting task of marketing. Self-Published/Indie authors have so much on their plate–editing, cover design, and marketing among them. If I can help even a little with marketing, I’m happy to do so. Today we are featuring a collection of Christian poems, Sincere Thoughts by Karen A. White.


Sincere Thoughts is a lovely book of Christian poetry done in free verse by Karen A. White. The poems cover spiritual struggles, including pain, loss, grief, and separation from God, but joy and hope are also woven throughout. The poem RETURN is about the journey of finding your way back to God. ONE STEP AT A TIME tells how each step forward makes God’s purpose in your life become more clear. MOONBEAM tells us that even in the stress and struggles of life, God is always there. GOODBYE and REGRETS are deeply personal poems about death, love, and loss. Grief and pain surrounding the death of White’s husband and other family members can be found throughout this book, and her thoughts and insight will help others who have lost loved ones. 

Sincere Thoughts by Karen A. White conveys powerful emotions and shares with us life lessons the author has learned. I felt the author’s pain, rejection, renewed hope, and even joy as I traveled through this poetry collection. It is a personal reflection on God, family, and new beginnings, but also speaks of divorce, despair, and grief, with which many readers can relate. In this book the author starts at the bottom of the stairs and finds new hope, healing, and trust in God while climbing up again. These reflections, thoughts, and memories will give you renewed strength during your own spiritual journey. Overall, this is a moving ode to life’s struggles and God’s presence in our lives. It will be a great help to those who are struggling. I would recommend this poetry book to anyone dealing with grief, pain, and loss, or anyone looking for God’s purpose in their lives. 

I received a free copy of this book and reviewed this book for Reader’s Favorite.


In 2019 Karen A. White withstood the illness and death of her loving spouse, Evangelist Edmond White. These events tested her love for and faith in God. She is sure that without Christ in her life she would have been lost and without hope. Through her life, walk, trust and faith in God she is reassured that all things are possible: Hope, Love, Completeness, Joy, Peace, Stability. Karen’s poems come from her heart, life’s experiences and her journey. She wants the reader to know they are not alone in their struggles, there is a positive side to everything as in “I Can”, and that each of us has the power to inspire; but we must “Lead by Example” knowing that there still will be times when we will shed a few “Tears”. 




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