A Self-Published Saturday reblog: Book Review from France

As part of Self-Published Saturday, this is a reblog of a review for a great Self-Published book, The Siege of An Loc by Nguyen Trong Hien. See the rest of the review on his site. I have also reviewed this book on my site.  Link below

My review of The Siege of An Loc


A few weeks ago, a friend of mine who lives in Paris sent me an email about “The Siege of An Lộc”, my second novel published a year ago. I have translated his email below and also included his original in French.


I read your book “The Siege of An Loc”. I finished reading it a long time ago, but I was too perturbed by the events related to Covid to give you my impressions.

I loved both of your books [“Village Teacher” and “The Siege of An Loc“] and I think that one of these days someone will put the two on the silver screen since you provided sufficient historical details as well as details on military operations to transform both novels into love, historical, and action movies.

“The Siege of An Loc” is particularly captivating from beginning to end. From the start, I…

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