Self-Published Saturday: August 7, 2021/The Robin Hood Trilogy

This is my second Self-Published Saturday post of the day. As you know, self-published authors have to do their own marketing, and I hope with this feature to help spread the word about their books. This post features the amazing Robin Hood Trilogy, written by Olivia Longueville and J.C. Plummer. It is a new and captivating take on the characters from Robin Hood. Below are reviews of the three books individually, along with links to buy.

Book Reviews: The Robin Hood Trilogy

This is an amazing rendition of the Robin Hood legend that is steeped in history and expertly combines fictional characters with real figures from the past. The prologue and first chapter of the book focus on supporting history and setting up the story, but then the plot really gets moving, as Robin, unjustly accused of murder and stripped of his title and lands, becomes Robin Hood and fights for justice for himself and his people. Robin’s romance with Lady Marian is endearing, and the story of how he gathers together his band of men, led by Little John, is both thrilling and amusing. The ending is a fantastic shock. I was so glad I had book two already downloaded, because I couldn’t wait to read the rest of the story.

I downloaded this book via Kindle Unlimited, where subscribers can read it for free.

Robin Hood’s Widow was my favorite of the trilogy because Marian, and there is no other word for it, becomes a badass, butt-kicking heroine. After Robin’s death, Marian vows to avenge him and kill his murderer, Guy of Gisborne. Previously sheltered and protected, Marian really comes into her own as she assumes leadership of Robin’s band of men. Her clever wit enables her to devise various schemes to stop the evil Sheriff that even Robin would not have come up with.

The authors have outdone themselves with this cast of characters. The legend of Friar Tuck is reborn as Tuck, a skilled fighter and member of the Knights Templar. I truly loved this version of Tuck, who is a fresh and welcome change from the chubby monk who graces most of the versions of Robin Hood. Guy of Gisbourne’s backstory is revealed to us slowly, and is completely intriguing. Edmond and Constance are captivating supporting characters who play a big role. The big shock from Book 1 is that Robin is alive, but that is being kept secret by King Richard I (Lionheart) for reasons of military strategy. While Marian is fighting in his memory, Robin is on a mission for Richard, all the while thinking Marian has received word he is alive. The growth in Marian, the weaving in of historical figures, and the amazing cast of characters make this a must-read for fans of Medieval Historical Fiction and/or the Robin Hood legend.

I downloaded this book via Kindle Unlimited, where subscribers can read it for free.

This third book of the Robin Hood Trilogy finds Robin returning from the Holy Land only to find himself once again outlawed and stripped of his property, this time by Queen Eleanor. King Richard has been abducted and the ransom is high. When thieves begin to steal the additional taxes set up to pay Richard’s ransom, Robin is accused and returns to his outlaw past, with Marian at his side. This is the third and final installment of the Robin Hood trilogy. Once again, history meets legend in a thrilling conclusion full of action, intrigue, betrayal, and romance, as well as another surprise!

Once again, the cast of characters exceeds every expectation. The authors have given us a well-researched and thrilling take on a legend that is not to be missed.

I downloaded this book via Kindle Unlimited, where Subscribers can read it for free.

My Overall Thoughts on The Robin Hood Trilogy

This series is what historical fiction should always be. It transports you to a time and place, teaches you something about that era, and inserts fictional characters that make the story sing. The fact that some of these characters are legends done in a different way make this even more impressive.


Olivia Longueville

Olivia Longueville has degrees in finance and general management from London Business School. Currently, she is working in investment banking and is also helping her father run the family business. 

Longueville loves historical fiction, considering herself an amateur historian, and she is passionate about historical research, genealogy, and art. She has undertaken in-depth research into the history of the Valois dynasty, the French Renaissance, the Tudors, and the Plantagenets. 

As an established published writer of Between Two Kings, she is interested in creating strong and diverse characters, and giving voice to stories that are unique, intriguing, compelling, and inspiring.

J.C. Plummer

J.C. Plummer graduated Summa Cum Laude from Washburn University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Anthropology. She also earned a Master of Science degree in Computer Information Science from Dartmouth College. 

As an author and historian, Plummer’s goal is to provide thoughtful and entertaining storytelling that honors the past, is mindful of the present, and is optimistic for the future.


BOOK 1, Robin Hood’s Dawn



BOOK 2: Robin Hood’s Widow



Book 3:  Robin Hood’s Return



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  1. I loved this trilogy, and plan to reread very soon. I recommend it whenever the subject comes up. My favorite Robin Hood retelling that I’ve read so far as part of my research for my own telling.

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