Sick Days and Smiles

Harold (top) and Hermann (lower level)

Harold loves his brother Hermann and likes to be as close to him as possible. Here’s a double decker of dachshunds. Next to them on the couch and out of the picture is me, recuperating from some kind of nasty bug I picked up over the weekend. I’m definitely not ready for the camera. I have been sick for five days, but my husband and the pups are keeping me company. The doctors don’t know what I have, but I have a list of symptoms as long as my arm. They tested me for Covid even though I had the vaccine. They also tested for flu and strep. All negative. So they sent me home with some antibiotics, some steroids, and a shrug. I’ll probably never know what it is, but it’s the second sickest I’ve ever been. I was too sick to read for a couple of days. Now I have even more reading to catch up on. But at least I have some friendly and furry company.

14 thoughts on “Sick Days and Smiles”

  1. Love this photo of two of your attendant Nurses and sorry to hear you are under the weather. Hope, like the stormy weather, it all clears up soon.

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  2. Hope you feel much better soon. I almost missed Hermann on the bottom, he blends in so well with the couch and the blanket. Such cuties both of them!

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  3. Hope you are feeling better. It’s unsettling when the doctors don’t know what we have. Hope the medications are helping you get through this.
    Love your furry nurses. 🐶 ♥️🐶


  4. Oh, Bonnie, I missed this post. Are you okay?? It’s tough enough being sick when you know what it is…I hope you are doing SO much better and I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner!!!! xoxox Gail


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