Dinosaurs Before Dark (Magic Treehouse Graphic Novel 1)

Dinosaurs Before Dark (Magic Treehouse Book 1) has been made into the first Magic Treehouse graphic novel! I was fortunate to get a chance to read it before publication.

The Magic Treehouse is a fantastic children’s series about a book-filled treehouse that will take readers on adventures to other lands. All they have to do is open a book and make a wish! Below is my review of Dinosaurs Before Dark.


Dinosaurs Before Dark is the first book in the Magic Treehouse graphic novel series. Jack and Annie find a treehouse in the woods, and climb inside. It is filled with books. When Jack picks up a dinosaur book and wishes he could see them, the treehouse begins to spin and they are whisked into the past, where they meet and learn about dinosaurs of different kinds.

This is a fantastic Children’s graphic novel with cute and colorful illustrations that any child will love. Children will learn about dinosaurs while also experiencing a time travel adventure with Jack and Annie. The story is interesting and even as an adult, I loved it. I plan to purchase this series for my grandson. You can’t get any higher praise than that.

I received a free temporary digital copy of this book from Random House. My review is voluntary. 

Dinosaurs Before Dark (Graphic Novel) will be released May 4, 2021.


There are many facets to this graphic novel. It has been adapted by Jenny Laird from the best selling children’s books by Mary Pope Osborne. The graphic artists are the twin sister team of Kelly Matthews and Nicole Matthews. Check out an article about the new graphic novels here.


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