Midnight Sun

I don’t normally do a review on a book I couldn’t finish. I tried to finish it, I really did. But this is a longer, more boring version of Twilight. I actually liked Twilight, but this story is excruciatingly dull. I was never Team Edward, and this just reminded me why. He is a controlling, compulsive, whining, annoying person. Let’s not forget he’s actually over 100 years old, even though he looks 17. So his obsession over the 18 year old Bella is kind of unbelievable and creepy. What I loved about Twilight was Bella’s interaction with her father, with Jacob, and with the other characters, especially Alice and Carlisle. Edward was never the reason. I don’t care about his perspective, and I learned that quickly as I tried to read this. Why Bella chose him over a badass wolf shifter is beyond me. ( I know Jacob imprinted later, but that’s kind of sad too.)

I made it 28% through the book, let it sit for two months, and realized I’m never going to finish it. This doesn’t change the fact that I liked Twilight. It does add a boring, unnecessary fifth book to the series. Would I have liked a fifth book? Yes. I would have liked to have seen the further adventures of Jacob or, even better, Leah. Her story was really unfinished and I would have loved to have seen more of it.

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7 thoughts on “Midnight Sun”

  1. Sometimes I think there’s a bad synergy between writers and publishers: writers find it hard to move past characters they’ve lived with for so long, and publishers see dollar signs in more books about those characters. This sounds like one of those bad choices at least by the writer (the publisher will still make some money but the writer has lost the time it took her to write and edit this). I’m glad you posted about a book you couldn’t finish — helpful to all of us!

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  2. Thanks Ellen. I think you’re right. The publishers probably saw dollar signs. I would have welcomed a real fifth book, a continuation of the series. But this was just a long, boring rehash of the first book.


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