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Chef Kim Mahan teaches cooking skills in her popular classes at Class Cooking and wanted to make a cookbook highlighting some of the recipes and techniques from her classes for her students and for holiday gifts. Chef Kim knows Sue Clancy’s whacky sense of humor and thought Sue’s art would add an element of whimsy to the cookbook. People learn new skills best when they’re having fun! So Chef Kim gave Clancy her recipes and Clancy responded to them in much the same way that one jazz musician responds to the melody of another jazz musician.

Clancy created each page by hand using fountain pens, brushes and ink, color pencils and gouache paints. She wrote each of Chef Kim’s recipe texts by hand and hand-created the related illustrations.


This cookbook is whimsical and fun as well as informative, and the feast starts with your eyes! Talented artist Sue Clancy has turned all of the recipes in this book into fun and imaginative sketches that give “works of art” new meaning as the culinary arts combine with the work of a talented fine artist to create one-of-a kind recipes that you will treasure. It is not a long book (about 20 pages), but the carefully chosen recipes from Chef Kim’s cooking classes look delicious and are presented in such an amazing way by Artist Sue that they will always be remembered. The Baked Apple French Toast shown above is going to be part of our Thanksgiving breakfast this year.

There is also a wonderfully illustrated “How To” section at the end that shows the reader how to chop onions, peel garlic, and roast peppers. This is a delight, as practical lessons from Chef Kim’s kitchen dance to life through Sue’s imagination.

If you want to see a cookbook absolutely come alive, purchase this recipe book. Watch “palate” meet “palette” in this wonderful cookbook. It is a whimsical and colorful creation that will delight your palate and your eyes.

After reading a free digital copy provided by the artist, I absolutely had to purchase a print copy to display in my kitchen. My review is voluntary and my opinions are my own.


Kim Mahan is a Pacific Northwest native who rebelliously learned to cook with fresh ingredients because her mother used prepackaged food.

Class Cooking is the culmination of Chef Kim Mahan’s years of training and exploration in the culinary field, complimented by a background in fine arts, psychology and education.

Chef Kim’s small-group gourmet cooking classes offer students a hands-on learning experience, and her catering and event-planning services have received rave reviews from clients and guests alike.

She plans to continue having fun with food (and all things tiki) the details can be seen via Chef Kim’s social media and website (links below).

Kim’s Social Media:

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Sue Clancy is a professional artist, author, and illustrator who thinks kindness is the point. She is the author-illustrator for over ten children’s books which can be seen on

Clancy is a visual storyteller, an accidental poet, an avid reader, and a pretty good cook. Clancy views her creations as souvenirs of moments of love and kindness. Clancy’s fine art and artist books have been collected by the Bainbridge Island Art Museum in WA, the UCLA Fine Arts Library in CA, the Curtis Children’s Justice Center in WA, Washington State University in Vancouver WA, the NW Surrogacy Center in Portland OR and by many other public and private collections.

She plans to continue her whimsical artistic love of living as long as she can hold a pen. Follow the fun via Clancy’s social media and website (links below).

Sue’s Social Media:

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This Special Limited Edition cookbook is available online only via Blurb Books at this link or can be purchased in person from Chef Kim Mahan at her culinary school Class Cooking. I would like to highlight the “Special” part. Pick this unique book up while it’s available.


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