Indie Spotlight: The Women in Me

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Are you caring for your chronically ill husband? Did you grow up with suicidal, alcoholic parents? Are you searching for a loving relationship? Have your efforts at starting a fulfilling career been thwarted by someone determined to hold you back? Maybe you’ve postponed your own dreams in order to keep from making waves with a significant other. Does your life seem to be heading a long way from where you’d wish it to be? Any of these can steal your happiness or keep you from achieving your potential. All can crush your hopes and dreams.

This is the story of a woman who grew up in a dysfunctional family, was trapped by a predator at age eight, was suffocated by an abusive marriage, grappled with being a single mother, finally found her soulmate, struggled with a blended family, juggled the incompatible roles of wife and caregiver, yet maintained her faith, at least most of the time. She did it thanks to some special women who supported her in ways she didn’t recognize until she unconsciously drew upon their influence.


Nancy Maloney-Mercado was born in Chicago, IL., but spent most of her adult life living in San Jose, CA. She began teaching in her late 20s, and she has happily walked that career path ever since, along the way building a reputation as a valuable member of many educational programs and institutions. When her latent artistic talent pushed its way to the surface, she began drawing and painting. Soon it was an integral part of who she was. In 2019 her beloved soulmate, Raymond, passed away after a long illness. She spends as much time as possible with her two daughters and granddaughter. As the existence of this book indicates, she continues to teach, at the same time finding new techniques to let her art express her life, experiences, and beliefs.

Jackie O’Donnell is a CA native. Her life has been spent in teaching, writing, and editing. She has four adult children—a devoted, caring son and daughter-in-law, plus another son and daughter who are far more than “step”—plus three grandchildren. Her beloved husband, Frank, succumbed to Agent Orange complications in 2016. She has published seven books, including one on saving money while helping the environment, another on everyday activities to make our world kinder and more just, one about helping people with disabilities cope with new 141 parenthood, and a volume of poetry (descriptions on her website (link below). Follow her on Twitter at

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Indie Spotlight: Chronicles of the Golden City #YA #Fantasy

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In fulfillment of his childhood dreams, Harper journeys to the city that is unlike any other, the Golden City, to become an honorable soldier in its service, and to join in the storied history of the city’s legacy of warriors. But when a battle with the dreaded Southern Tribesmen turns from peculiar to disaster, armed with little more than raw hope, Harper must fight his way back, not only to the endangered city that he loves, but to the young lady to whom he gave a promise.

Crushing sorrow, vicious evil, dark mysteries, and above all else, undying hope combine like a storm within the pages of Chronicles of the Golden City to tell an inspiring story that, in the annals of the Golden City, must never be forgotten.

A clean fantasy for young adult and new adult audiences.


Andy isn’t the stereotypical author. Not only would he prefer a Dr. Seuss book to a classic, but he’d also rather have a ball in his hands than a keyboard under his fingers. But one day a story popped into his mind that he deemed too important not to write, and upon endless hours of typing, deleting, and retyping, his writing career began. If you’re searching for a young adult clean read that is as stirring as it is inspiring, then crack open one of Andy’s books.

A Midwesterner to his core, Andy prefers the simple life: shooting hoops, chasing pop flies in the outfield, hanging out with family, and scarfing heaping bowls of chocolate ice cream.



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Self-Published Saturday: Unfathomable Chance

Self-Published Saturday (SPS) is my effort to help Independent Authors with the huge task of marketing their books. Indie authors have to do it all, from cover design to editing to marketing, and if I can help even a little with the marketing, I’m happy to do it. Below is my review of a Young Adult Coming of Age Space Opera by K.T. Munson called Unfathomable Chance.

Buckle up for a wild ride through the galaxy after Diana finds a bracelet which, once put on, she cannot get off. She soon realizes this is no ordinary piece of jewelry as she’s swept away to other galaxies and told she’s to be the Empress of the Universe, chosen by said bracelet. On top of all that, she is supposed to get married and potential suitors are already vying for her hand. This is a lot for a 23-year-old to handle, but backed up by friends along the way, she sets out to discover how to get out of this particular honor. This is the first book in the Cosmic Gem series by K.T. Munson.

I found the characters very likable, especially Diana and Kal Zed, an extremely honorable cat. The world-building is fantastic and imaginative. I struggled to put this into a category, as it appeared to be written as a Young Adult novel, although the protagonist is 23. It does fit well into the space opera genre, since it includes space warfare, romance, melodrama, and interesting alien species. The storyline is wild and fun, but also contains some dangerous and serious moments. I found it very easy to connect to the cast of characters. It is a very enjoyable coming-of-age adventure that fans of science fiction and space operas will enjoy.

You can follow Diana’s continuing adventures in Book 2, Unfathomable Plan.

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K.T. Munson is an independent author. First published at 5 years old in the young writer’s conference, she has pursued writing ever since. She maintains a blog,, which is about writing and her novels. She was born and raised in the last frontier, the great state of Alaska.







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