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1939, Canada, unprepared but defiant, declares war on Germany and mass produces a mid-size warship, the Corvette. Thus starts the creation and journey of Canada’s first Corvette, the HMCS Collingwood. Neither designed nor equipped for the North Atlantic, Collingwood is tasked to protect convoys and take on the predatory Sea Wolves lurking below the waves.

There is also a heartbreaking wartime romance as Ian and Kate struggle with love in difficult times. Our hero Ian, takes command of the Collingwood. He is ready to fight with any weapon he is given. Having witnessed Nazi atrocities, he is now driven by hatred. Kate, the daughter of the Collingwood Shipyards owner, is a brilliant woman with a strong desire to make something of herself. She is ready to fight for her country, but first she must fight for success in a male-dominated world.

This is action-packed historical fiction based on true events of WWII and the Battle of the Atlantic. Filled with murderous Wolf Packs, German Commandos, a nail-biting secret mission, spies, and saboteurs, Side Launch takes the reader through a roller coaster of emotion.

If you are a fan of history and love to learn, this Canadian historical fiction is for you.


“Plasket’s men are armed and have him covered, Sir. I will have Davies give him additional men from the assembled boarding crew.”

Davies continued to rake the sub’s deck with machine gun fire. This prevented the Germans from arming the deck gun and stopped any further attempts to jump on board the Collingwood.

“Germans going in the water, Sir! Looks like they are abandoning ship.”

Just then the sub turned in its zig-zag pattern putting it under Collingwood. The sub was pushed down and the Collingwood slightly raised up.

“Turn to starboard, Number One. I don’t want any more Germans jumping on to my ship.”

The sub halted. It was obvious for them, the skirmish was over and they had surrendered.

“Chambly is closing, Sir, and preparing boarding parties. Looks like they surrender, Sir.”

“Have our boarding party stand down” ordered Ian.

“Survivors in the water, sir. Your orders?” asked Kendrick.

“Let the bastards die!” was Ian’s chilling reply.

Everyone on the bridge had heard their Captain clearly. Lieutenant Kendrick did not make a move. He glanced at the Chief who was looking at his Captain. The chief moved his arm slowly laying his hand on Ian’s arm; a gentle touch. “Your orders Captain?” asked the Chief. Ian looked into the Chief’s dark eyes. There was no emotion on either of their faces. The tension in Ian seemed to lessen and his voice was strong as he gave orders. “Scramble nets over the side Number One. Pick up survivors. Have Davies assist Plasket on the forecastle with prisoners.”

“New message from the Chambly Sir, requesting we assist the convoy.”

“Let’s make this quick Number One, and filtered lights only. I don’t know what the Chambly is thinking with its engine stopped and a floodlight on. Maybe he thinks all subs will be focused on the convoy, but he is a sitting duck.”

A few minutes later Ian gave additional orders. “Wrap it up, Number One. The Chambly can pick up the rest of the survivors. We will move on to the convoy and provide additional support.”


This is exciting historical fiction about Canadian involvement in The Battle of the Atlantic during World War II. It tells the story of Canada’s first Corvette, the HMCS Collingwood. We also get a look inside the Wrens, The Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service, and witness their contributions during WWII. The romance between Ian, Captain of The HMCS Collingwood, and Kate, daughter of the Collingwood Shipyard owner, hits some stumbling blocks, but their story is well told. The weaving together of fact and fiction is successful and believable. There is a lot of World War II historical fiction out there, but to see it from a Canadian viewpoint was fresh and unique.

My one criticism would be that the book needs a comprehensive edit. Commas are misused throughout, much of the dialogue is not punctuated correctly, and there are run-on sentences. However, that does not take away from the overall story. If you’d like to see World War II from a Canadian perspective, check this one out.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Goddess Fish Promotions. My review is voluntary and my opinions are my own.


Brock Martin, a retired captain, served ten years as a Canadian Forces Search & Rescue pilot before his current role. The Canadian Forces gave him the opportunity to travel many areas of Canada and gain an immense appreciation of his country. He has been involved in operations across Canada, including the high arctic.

His free-spirited upbringing in the wilds of Northern Ontario gave him a love of the outdoors and adventure.

Brock is fascinated with historical fiction. He loves to learn of past thrilling adventures through the eyes of fictional characters. He was captivated when he learned the very ships that fought in the Battle of the Atlantic were built in Collingwood.

The Battle of the Atlantic was a massive achievement of Canadian perseverance, dedication and sacrifice of its men and women. Brock wrote this fast-paced, action packed story to honor Canadian heroism.







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  1. I enjoyed the excerpt, Side Launch sounds like a great book for me and my dad to read! Thanks for sharing it with me!

    Thanks, Bonnie, for sharing your review!

    Have a marvelous day!

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