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It is 1944, and Lizzy, Charlie, and May ( known affectionately as Munch) have been evacuated from London for their safety. They are sent to Inglestone Manor at the specific request of the eccentric owner, although they have never met her. They soon encounter shady caretakers and hear of a lost treasure. As they begin to search for the treasure, they meet a mysterious boy and fight off an evil man. Does the treasure really exist?

I was immediately reminded of The Chronicles of Narnia, as three children are sent out of London during the blitz, meet an eccentric older person, and have an amazing adventure. But this tale is quite unique and different. It is such a well-written children’s story, revolving around an old mansion. The historical time period, the bombings, and the stress of evacuating for both children and parents are well described. The plot moves along briskly, and it is full of mystery and wonder. The villains are perfectly villainous from the start, and I love that so much. The main characters are likable and engaging. Lizzy is a fierce and protective older sister, and the conversations between Mrs. Inglestone and Munch are delightful. The cover is spookily endearing and will draw the reader in. Although this is a children’s book, adults will also love this treasure-seeking historical adventure.

My only criticism would be that the book blurb currently on Amazon definitely needs an edit and rewrite. It does not match the quality of the writing in the book at all.

My rating is 4.5 stars, rounded up to 5 on sites with no half-star option.

I received a free copy of this book via Zooloo’s Book Tours. My review is voluntary and my opinions are my own.


Originally from Guyana, S. S. Saywack came to London with his family in 1962. Educated in North London, he studied information graphics at a London college and then worked as a graphic designer for many years. He later changed careers and became a teacher at a sixth-form college in East London. Taking early retirement, he turned to a third career and became an author. 

With a love for reading and history in general, he wrote his first novel that became the Mary Finch Series (four books for older children set in the fictional world of Sherlock Holmes and an additional chapter book to make five in total) and that was swiftly followed by Inglestone Manor.

He currently writes both children’s fiction and adult detective fiction.

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  1. Perfect for middle age kids. My father was sent to live in the countryside when he was a child, but he didn’t have any adventures like this! (or at least he didn’t tell me about any adventures)

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