Self-Published Saturday: A Breath of Fresh God #UnderstandingGod #ConnectingwithGod

Self-Published Saturday is my effort to help Self-Published/Indie authors with marketing. These authors have to do it all, from cover design to editing to marketing and more. If I can help even a little bit with marketing, I’m happy to do it. Below is my review of A Breath of Fresh God by Charissa Fryberger, a devotional and much more!


If I can pass through whole days without

noticing God, how can I know that He is here at all?  Perhaps I am

just a sugar ant, busying myself with tasks that have little significance

beyond the meaning I give them during my own short life.” ­­

It is easy for us to “underlook” God, yet even when we forget to notice Him, He hasn’t turned His attention from us. Charissa Fryberger finds wonder in the many ways God taps us on the shoulder, making us catch our breath in sudden remembrance that He is right here with us. She leads us on a journey of rediscovering God:

      in slowly plodding steps up the steep Pikes Peak trail;

 in the prayer-soaked walls of an old country church; 

            in a mirthful sky studded with laughing stars;

            in the fearful unknown of a cancer diagnosis;

            in the soaked discomfort of a sudden downpour;

            in the joy of defying gravity at the moment of take-off;

            in the labored trail of a tiny sugar ant.

Her vivid word pictures reveal an overwhelmingly grand and yet comfortably intimate God who is with us daily, hourly, minutely.  All we have to do is glance over our shoulders to be astonished again as we catch….a breath of Fresh God.


A Breath of Fresh God is exactly as it sounds–a way of looking at God with a fresh perspective. Have you fallen into a rut? Do you feel like God is so remote you can’t feel His presence? This book gives you many different perspectives in a way to reconnect. It is filled with devotionals that will speak to different people in different ways. Each devotional is followed by exercises that will help you connect to God and see Him more clearly. My favorite aspect of this book is that it is written with such care. The author shows a genuine heart for people and a desire to help others expand their relationship with God. While reading this book, be sure and try the exercises that follow each chapter. They will definitely give you a greater perspective. This book has the potential to change your way of relating to God and also expand your insight into Him. Highly recommend.

I received a free copy of this book. My review is voluntary and my opinions are my own.


Charissa Fryberger and her husband, David, live in wonder at the plot twists and surprises God weaves into the story of their lives. Wherever they go, they discover new breaths of fresh God in unexpected places. Charissa wrote her first “book” in a blue-lined notebook in the fourth grade. Later she freelanced for newspapers, magazines and literary journals. With the birth of four babies in rapid succession, writing took a twenty-five-year pause while Charissa and David raised, educated, and loved four dynamic young characters through the prologues and openings of their own stories.

After working herself out of a job as a homeschool mom, Charissa returned to school herself, earning a master’s in English at Clemson University. Their adventure in following Christ continues as they explore near and far from their family home in Beulah Colorado. Everywhere they go, Charissa finds new chapters to write about the transcendent, yet intimate God in Whose footsteps they follow.


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