Happy Thanksgiving! #Poetry #ChristianPoetry #FreeVerse

Giving thanks for all of our blessings and resting before our work continues again.

Trying little free verse today.

Temporary Feast

We rest, we eat, we give thanks.
Then we move forward
To see what God has planned for us next

We know that rest is not permanent
In this life
Our work, toil, and hard times
Continue until the end

When we sit with Christ at the table
And eternity begins

Have a wonderful day today. Praying for you all, for we all have struggles, whatever they may be.

13 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving! #Poetry #ChristianPoetry #FreeVerse”

  1. Beautiful blog post and poem Bonnie. 💙
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    (Even though, in Canada, we already celebrated Thanksgiving in October, I am celebrating again today because being grateful and giving thanks is good for our heart and the heart of the one (and especially the One) who hears it. ❤️)

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